A Recipe for the Perfect Facebook Post

Here are three key ingredients to Facebook posts that catch eyes and drive business.

1. Beauty

“Bakeries are a visual medium,” says Bernadette Shanahan-Haas, director of operations at the Retail Bakers of America. “Using videos and pictures gives customers an idea of how talented they are, what they’re working on and how busy they are.”

2. Brevity

Limit link titles to 25 characters and text to 90 characters to meet Facebook’s best practice guidelines and avoid losing readers’ interest.

3. Bait

Write calls to action that focus on customers’ needs—not the bakery’s. For example, accompany a picture of pie with “Need a last-minute dessert for Thanksgiving dinner?” rather than “Stop in for a great pie!"

BONUS: Facebook Terms to Know

News feed: The constantly updating list of stories in the middle of a Facebook homepage

Organic posts: Posts that receive no paid support

Boosted posts: Posts that receive paid support