April Profitability Playbook

Spring Forward into Seasonal Favorites this April 

Dawn’s Monthly Profitability Playbook Breaks Down Ways to Increase Sales All Month Long


Bakers are taking pages each month from Dawn’s Profitability Playbook – our monthly guide to driving growth by taking advantage of every opportunity to customize your assortment and boost your marketing. With planning and purpose, bakeries can look ahead with more confidence and less error.

Even though April begins with a day for fools, the month is no joking matter. There are several celebrations and a shift in seasons that mean business for your bakery.

Let Your Creativity Shine This April Fools Day

Few bakers might think of April Fools Day as a selling opportunity, but it’s an ideal time to showcase your creativity and decorating talents. Add in items that look one way but taste another, like cakes decorated as sandwiches or cookies iced as fried eggs.

It’s also the perfect time to explore one of the hottest decorating trends – hyper realistic cakes. There are cakes that look like salads, bags of chips, a package you’d find at your front door, cans of cola, and more. Showcasing cakes like these is fun, on trend, and a savvy way to highlight the talents of your team.

Shift to Spring Flavors

April often means warmer temperatures and the anticipation of spring and summer. This makes it the ideal time to optimize your assortment for flavors and ingredients that lean into this consumer mindset. To help get your bakery started, we’ve curated a Spring and Sumer Inspiration Guide that brings together ideas, recipes, and product recommendations to make the most out of all the season has to offer.


Key takeaways from the Guide:

  • Fruit reigns supreme this season with ingredients like blueberries and strawberries
  • Color is critical all summer long, with ingredients like Ube and summery toppers like sprinkles and confetti
  • Cakes go primary with red velvet and rainbow layers
  • Summer flavor pairings like raspberry lemonade, orange creamsicle, and pretzels and beer infuse desserts


Get Hopping with Easter Treats

Easter is probably the spring holiday bakers most associate with featured baked goods. This season, take your Easter assortment further by ramping up your marketing. Dawn has created tools like social media assets and posters that are available for your use in store and online.

Our culinary team has also developed a series of Easter recipes that can help drive sales in this critical time of the year. They can be added to your case or made available for special order; whatever works best for your business.



“When most bakeries think of spring, Easter is the traditional holiday that comes to mind,” said Jennifer LaPaugh, senior director of marketing, Regional and Artisanal, Dawn Foods. “However, April is full of many opportunities to grow sales. With some creativity and planning, bakers can introduce high margin desserts each week of the month.”

If you’re ready to make the most out of April and every month, get started by contacting Dawn Foods.