Bake Back to School

Most school districts have made their fall plans for back to school.

Whether your local schools are teaching in person, online, or a combination of both, one thing is certain – teachers will be at the center of the school year, and heartfelt thanks for all they do to educate students will go a long way.

To help your customers thank teachers for all they did during COVID and welcome them to the start of the new school year, we’ve pulled together a few ideas for showcasing our educators:

Highlight School Colors

As you think about how to decorate cookies, cakes or donuts, don’t forget your community’s school colors. By creating school-themed specials, you can drive sales in advance of the back to school craziness. You can even add school logos or mascots onto treats and showcase your team’s design skills.



Tinker with Teacher Themed Goodies

In addition to promoting school colors, focus on all that teachers are known and loved for. Think apple-shaped cookies, chalkboard cutouts, alphabet letter donuts, and more. Anything that symbolizes education and learning are smart additions to your case as we wind down the summer months.

brownie pops

Go For Gift Cards

Families may also want to show their teacher appreciation with gift cards. You probably ramped up your gift card program during COVID; keep it going by suggesting them as the perfect back to school gift for your child’s teachers.

Social Shout Outs

Think about starting a social campaign for your customers that gives them assets they can use to acknowledge their schools and teachers. Things like #whatiloveaboutschool or #myfavoriteteacher are perfect ways to celebrate your local leaders.


First Day Celebrations

Beyond celebrating our schools and teachers, also be sure to celebrate the students! Create first day specials that encourage shopping before and after school. Smiley face cookies, special donut flavors, back to school brownies and more will bring families in the door to mark the day and create lasting memories. There is no doubt that this year’s first day of school will have special meaning for students and teachers all across the country.

back to school

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