Bakers Turn to Frozen Products to Shorten Start to Finish of Everyday Assortments

As bakeries around the country work to balance the skill sets and resources they have available to them amid a shrinking work force, they are also looking for ways to reduce the labor required to fully stock their cases with a smart assortment created to drive traffic and sales. Dawn Foods Senior Manager of Buy/Sell Category Marketing Traci Maginn shares tips and strategies for transitioning a portion of bakery products from scratch to frozen without sacrificing taste or quality.

“Bakers are dealing with several factors right now,” Maginn said. “It’s not only the reduced labor pool, it's the required skill sets of the team members, the hours they are available to work, the time it takes to train, and the investment necessary to recruit, hire, retain, and build a team in general. Owners and managers are keeping more moving now than they typically do, and once you realize the solution isn’t to only hire people, you then start to look at other factors like products, marketing, technology, and more.” Frozen products, either full or partially finished, give smart bakers a head start on creating products that meet demand while using fewer resources and ultimately costing less.

Consumers Still Want Options

Even though bakeries are doing more with less, it doesn’t mean consumers expect less. They want the same assortment they’re used to. 

Frozen products can help bakers focus their teams’ efforts where they matter most – finishing and decorating. Items like frozen donuts, muffins, brownies, pies, and pastries are available. They often taste the same as their scratch counterparts and give consumers the same quality and mouth feel. Dawn offers a broad range of options in traditional flavors as well as on trend options, like red velvet and more. Now, teams can warm the products, bake, finish, and get them out the door.

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Organize Team Members’ Time for Increased Efficiency

Bakers can also create their own frozen inventory. Instead of baking every day and requiring start times at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., integrate frozen into the mix by setting aside days for baking, cooling, and freezing. This allows bakeries to use the recipes they’re familiar with, better schedule their staff hours, and optimize the efficiency of their operations. “Dawn technical teams are available to work with customers on how to best move from every day baking to concentrating on key days of the week for baking and freezing,” Maginn added.

Frozen Products Offset Other Costly Commodities

Beyond labor shortages, there are other expensive considerations right now. For one, the cost of frying oil and other commodities have increased due to shortages. Increasing the mix of frozen products in every day inventory will help to offset these rising costs, again, saving bakers even more.

To learn more about Dawn Food’s full range of frozen products, visit Dawn Foods Ready to Sell & Frozen Bakery Products.

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