Bakery Spotlight: Bethel Bakery

Bethel Bakery’s Customers Embrace Family Favorites and Look Toward the Future.

It’s no secret that consumers are craving the tastes and traditions of days past. Recent research shows that comfort foods like donuts, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese are trending.

One of Pittsburgh’s favorite family bakeries and Dawn Foods customer, Bethel Bakery, isn’t surprised by this turn toward tradition. They’ve always offered customers a smart mix of new products along with timeless favorites, and the pandemic has shown them that when people crave comfort, that means the tastes they know and love.

“During the lockdown, our customers wanted items made with our famous buttercream,” said John Walsh, second-generation owner of Bethel Bakery. “It’s a long-standing recipe that takes two days to make, and we use it in lots of items like donuts, cakes, cupcakes and individual desserts.” Breakfast items have recently been the most popular. “During quarantine, instead of experimenting with new things, we decided to streamline and focus on what we know we do best,” he added. This decision paid off. Business remained steady and customers continually showed up for the buttercream-topped baked goods.

A Lasting Partnership

Another tradition Bethel Bakery continues to embrace is its generations-long relationship with Dawn Foods. It’s a smart mix of products like cake and brownie mixes; fillings, inclusions, and glazes; candies and decorations, and other must-have items like bakery supplies, combined with expert support and advice from Dawn’s trusted team of Technical Service Reps. “The Dawn technical team helps us determine how to best use a product or tweak something so that it performs how we need it to,” John says.

Bethel Bakery will continue to use this strategy – focusing on favorites – to help them end 2020 on a high note. The bakery’s New Years treat – the New Years pretzel – is a Pittsburgh tradition, and one that the Bethel Bakery is known for. “We believe that this year, the New Years Pretzel will take on special significance,” added John. “People are ready to move into 2021 with a sense of optimism, and we are eager to be a part of that celebration for the future.”


The pretzel is a coffee cake-style pretzel topped with roll icing and sprinkles. “At both of our locations, we are always offering new items, but we never want to walk away from what we are known and loved for,” Walsh added.

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