Bakery Spotlight: Canada’s Chick Boss Cakes Serves Up More than Sweets

Local Bakery Favorite Gives Back With a Focus on Community

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When self taught baker and decorator Rebecca Hamilton and her husband Chad decided to open a bakery business 10 years ago. They had no idea that in one decade, that dream would turn into Chick Boss Cake, now the top bakery and dessert spot that all the locals in Southwestern Ontario are obsessed with. Chick Boss Cake employs a team of 20 and has a growing following of loyal fans, all served from the bakery’s four locations.

Initially known for its creative, colorful, celebratory cakes, Chick Boss Cake has built a brand that extends beyond their product. Rebecca branched out and created her brand called Rebecca Hamilton Co. to share her unfiltered, self-taught business knowledge with women around the world in hopes to impact, inspire, and empower them to create lives with purpose. 

“I started with an idea and a dream and was able to build a business by focusing on my core values and a passion for service,” she said. She runs the bakery anchored by the core values of gratitude, authenticity, integrity, generosity, and kindness. 

How do those values impact the bakery? “We give one dollar of every cake order to charity,” Rebecca added, noting that they support the Make a Wish Foundation. “It’s a way of connecting us, our customers, and those who benefit from the foundation,” she added. “Our customers feel good knowing part of their purchase is helping to pay it forward.”

“We also have a 100% happiness guarantee,” added Chad. “We will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. It’s something we knew we wanted to make a part of our business after experiencing customer service that was lacking in our own lives.”

That guarantee is more than a marketing campaign. It translates into services like online ordering, next-day delivery to most parts of their community, communication tools like newsletters, and cake decorating classes that help customers tap into their own creativity.

“We started the classes last year, and it’s been a great way for people to come together for something fun, learn how to do something new, and then take those memories back into their own homes,” Chad said.

Their relationship with Dawn Foods has been longstanding since the doors first opened. “Dawn has been our partner since the beginning, and it’s been a great partnership,” Chad added. “We get everything from them – ingredients, mixes, and decorations.” The product portfolio Dawn has provided them empowers their continual creativity. “We’re always coming up with new ideas, and Dawn is there to help us make them happen.”


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While Chad acknowledges Chick Boss is known for its cakes, cupcakes, donuts, butter tarts, and macarons, he believes it’s more about families trusting them to make their important celebrations special. “We’re part of those moments and those memories. It’s why we do what we do each day.”

And the Hamiltons have no desire to slow down. Rebecca hosts a blog and podcast called Scrap the Sweet Talk, where she focuses on sharing her best business and life tips centered around creating the life of your dreams. She also recently published a book – The Million Dollar Bakery- outlining her journey toward success, creating a roadmap for others with similar ambitions. 

“It was a leap of faith for us to start a business,” she said. “It was a learning experience, but I believe we had the mental focus and maturity to take it on. There is more of an emotional component to entrepreneurial endeavors than technical knowledge. We want to share that with others.”

Plans for the future include adding new locations and expanding their geographic reach.

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