Bakery Spotlight: Dream Bakery

Dream Bakery in Austin, Texas adapts to COVID-19 with agility.

When quarantine began in Austin, Dream Bakery, like many others, saw revenue drop nearly 80% literally overnight – weddings and celebrations were cancelled, catering orders evaporated, and the usual bump from SXSW disappeared. But, as a food service provider, Dream Bakery was allowed to remain open. So they leaned into their already robust health and sanitation processes, and adopted “find a way or fade away” as their motto.


After asking their community, they uncovered that local consumers needed safe and convenient groceries like eggs, flour, yeast, and milk; staples like bread; and products to entertain their families during quarantine. Dream Bakery transformed into a local grocery store complete with contactless curbside pick up, a makeshift warehouse, and a shift in production to focus on staples, comfort foods, and “semi-homemade” items like take and bake cookie dough and cookie decorating kits.


Consumer response was overwhelming – so much so that the bakery implemented additional phone lines and online ordering to meet the demand. Customers are grateful and asking Dream Bakery to continue providing grocery staples along with curbside service into the future.

What does the future look like for Dream Bakery? Going forward, they’ve permanently moved the seating area outside and are using the indoor space as a “mini market”. They are also adding delivery and shipping to make it even easier for customers to enjoy their goods.

Dawn is committed to safely supplying & supporting your bakery, especially during this uncertain time. We understand your concerns with COVID-19 and have put together some resources and information to help you navigate. Learn more HERE