Bakery Spotlight: Five-O Donut Co

The sophistication of Scratch Baking Made Easy with Dawn

Five-O Donut Co has perfected the recipe for complex creations baked with efficiency and ease

Five-O Donut Co. 
Sarasota, FL


When professionally trained pastry chef and seasoned baker Christine Nordstrom decided to open a donut shop in 2017, she knew she wanted to bring the sophistication of her all scratch sweets to her customers but also wanted to make sure she was running as efficiently as possible so she could grow and hire new staff without sacrificing quality.

Now, just a few short years later, Christine has two locations and visits area farmer’s markets with her sweet treats several months out of the year.

“I love all scratch baking and take a lot of pride in what I create,” Christine said. “But there is a cost to that, namely that it’s very time and labor intensive.” Christine knew she needed recipes that could be replicated by her staff, tasted great, and didn’t cost too much to produce.

That’s when she turned to Dawn for mixes and other products to help her improve efficiency while maintaining the taste and premium quality she was known for.

"I have an always evolving menu of creative donuts with four to six specials every week. This means I need a partner who can work with me on a regular basis to help make sure my ideas turn into reality."

--Christine Nordstrom, Owner, Five-O Donut Co

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Image: Five-O Instagram

Christine’s menu is mash up of traditional favorites with exciting creations like Chocolate Pretzel Pop Tart donuts, Captain Crunch donuts, and crusted bottom donuts, where the bottom half of the donut is dipped in creatively flavored icings and then into something else, like crushed cookies or cereal.

“We are introducing pie concepts with unusual fillings that really surprise my customers. I turn to Dawn to help me maintain quality without having to be entirely from scratch.”

It’s not just Dawn’s reliable mixes and other products. It’s also the continued service and innovation she counts on. “I talk with Dawn regularly and they keep me up to date on what’s new, especially with lines like gluten free or all natural, which matter to my customers. I can also go to them with a challenge – say I want to fill a croissant – and Dawn will help me figure out how to do it. They will troubleshoot with me if a vision I have isn’t quite happening the way I want it to,” Christine said.

Christine also runs a commissary kitchen, making cost effective, consistent products critical to her success. Five-O Donut Co has big plans for the future, hoping to procure a bigger production space and to open one or two new shops sometime this year. Creatively, Christine wants to keep surprising customers. “Our flavors and forms are unique and keep people coming back. I don't ever want to lose that element of surprise and delight. It gives everyone a lot of pride.”


“Dawn really gives me advice, consistent products and proactive communication that I need to meet my goals"

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Five-O Donut Co
Image: Five-O Instagram

Want to Make Moves to Reduce Cost and Labor?

If you're a baker who does it all from scratch, it's no surprise you're baking treats customers love. But you may be spending more time and money on your bakery case than you need to. With just a few shifts in how you bake - like using mixes and bases you can add your own creative influences to, you can cut down on costs and create recipes that your staff can repeat with success. As a baker, you're an artist. Dawn wants you to be an artist who can also take a break without sacrificing the beauty and taste of what you make.