Best Practice: Customer Care

For bakeries, the holidays mean creating memorable festive desserts and an uptick in orders. They’re also an opportunity to turn first-time visitors into regulars with superior customer service. 

According to a 2017 Trustpilot survey, consumers consider all-star service one of the most important elements in their holiday shopping experiences. And as Max Fried, third-generation owner of Freed’s Bakery in Las Vegas, has found, a great experience often boils down to efficiency and knowledgeable, helpful employees. “When it comes to customer service, we try to provide an awesome experience—and a quick experience,” he says. 

Fried relies on these tried-and-true tactics: 

Offer Speedy Order Placing and Pickup 

Some customers want to leisurely browse bakery displays before making a purchase, but others are more interested in getting in and out fast. To accommodate the latter group, Freed’s set up a separate prepaid pickup line in the bakery, so customers who’ve placed orders online can grab their treats quickly. 

To maintain that efficiency in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas—the bakery’s busiest—Freed’s asks that all orders placed in advance be paid in full to avoid “a backlog in line and a negative experience,” Fried says.


Set Up Staff for Success

Friendly and knowledgeable service can leave a lasting, positive impression on customers, which can encourage loyalty. Fried ensures his employees truly know the ins and outs of every product with thorough onboarding and manuals with product information. To further encourage confidence and job satisfaction among employees, he encourages them to ask questions and provide feedback. 

“Keeping people excited to come to work translates to a happier customer,” Fried says. “Creating a bakery where both customers and employees feel like family has been paramount to our success.”