Bring Customers Back to Your Bakery

Bakeries are adapting to the new normal of today – balancing social distancing best practices with maximizing sales and operations. To ensure your bakery is doing all you can to bring consumers through your doors, use these five simple steps for success:

1. Delight with Delivery

No-touch is the way to go. Be sure to incorporate multiple options for getting your baked goods into the hands of your customers. Things like curbside pick up, delivery through partners like DoorDash or GrubHub, and offering your own delivery service are surefire ways to boost sales.

2. Go with Gift Cards

Consumers are purchasing gift cards now more than ever to help support local businesses and to give options for safe, distanced payment. Consider gift cards for specific amounts or for fun promotions, like a Back to School Baked Goods Bundle. The creativity is up to you.

3. Prioritize Your Packaging

Packaging matters now more than ever. Be sure to select strategic packaging options that not only provide a safe barrier for consumers but also communicate various product sizes. Smaller cakes, single serve options, kits for families – there are really no wrong options for quarantine. By offering choices from single serve to family size, you can cover the bases and bring customers into your bakery.

4. Invest in Signage

Consumers want to know what you’re doing to keep them safe. Invest in signs for your bakery that communicate how you’re social distancing and adapting your operations to today’s times. From detailing employee health protocols to explaining your reconfigured dining area, share what you’re doing front and center.

5. Operate Smart

While the front of the house is critical to creating the right environment, the back of your house is just as important. Focus on optimizing staff by baking on specified days and freezing product for use throughout the week. Also consider your recipe rotation, concentrating on traditional favorites that keep customers returning and give them a sense of comfort.  Things like donuts, chocolate cakes, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate chip cookies are sure bets.

Dawn is committed to safely supplying & supporting your bakery, especially during this uncertain time. We understand your concerns with COVID-19 and have put together some resources and information to help you navigate. Learn more HERE