Communication is Key

Communicate your bakery's social distancing efforts to build consumer confidence.

As your bakery reopens, it is important to deliver a great customer experience and delicious baked goods while also presenting a clean and safe environment. In fact, 50% of consumers said they will choose a restaurant that is clean and sanitary when selecting a restaurant to visit after the time of Covid-19 (Dataessentials). Below we have answered popular questions around sanitation and communicating your bakery’s social distancing efforts.

Question: What are best practices for social distancing and sanitizing?

Answer: A sanitized bakery keeps your customers safe while ordering sweet baked goods. Create a sanitizing schedule for all high touch point areas like counters, door handles and computers - Try using a checklist like this one from the Food Industry Association. Customers should remain six feet apart at all times. This includes dining in, shopping and checking out.

*Remember to always check with your local and state laws for official guidelines.

Question: How can I build consumer confidence in my bakery products?

Answer: Consumers feel safer when they can see restaurants are taking precautions like spacing out tables and wearing gloves and masks (Dataessentials). Also offer baked goods that are pre-packaged to grab and go like individual pieces of cake and boxes of donuts.

*Contact your Dawn sales rep to find packaging solutions that fit your needs!

Question: What communication tools should I be using for social distancing at my bakery?

Answer: Add posters, door signage, and table tents to your bakery to let your customers know your efforts to keep a sanitized and safe operation. Also add floor stickers and posters reminding customers to keep their distance and remain 6 ft. apart. Don’t forget to share on your social media channels to let your customers know that you are keeping their safety top priority. You can download our social distancing toolkit HERE

Communication is Key - donut-decals

Download our Open for Business guide for more social distancing tips, information and inspiration HERE