Consumer Trend Guide: The Best of Both Worlds

A trend is a name we give to the constant change around us; inspiration for new thoughts, ideas, and approaches. Consumer trends are a reflection of this constant change, driven by large-scale societal, economic, demographic, and industrial shifts among the people that matter most to your business—your consumers. Trends remain in the market for a significant period of time and can influence the perception and acceptance of many types of products, including food.

In this guide, we will focus on the consumer trend of The Best of Both Worlds. We are excited to help you leverage this trend and inspire you to create bakery products inspired by what consumers are looking for.

The rules of healthy eating are changing, and consumers are less willing to compromise quality and taste when looking for options that fit their lifestyle. To consumers, healthier foods are often those with short ingredient lists featuring words they can pronounce.1 In fact, 58% of global consumers define natural as using real ingredients.2 There is also a need for healthier options as growing social issues, such as obesity and food allergens, are linked to food.3 What has not changed is that consumers want to eat food that tastes good. As a result, consumers are increasingly looking for The Best of Both Worlds, choosing products that combine great taste with the positive feeling of eating a little bit better.

How can you bring The Best of Both Worlds trend to life in your bakery? Offer products that highlight an absence of negative ingredients, such as artificial flavors and preservatives. Keep ingredients simple and recognizable, using real fruits and nuts as toppings and inclusions. Introduce exciting gluten-free creations into your portfolio for consumers with dietary preferences and allergen restrictions. Finally, use your creativity to offer products designed to capture your customer’s eye and desire for something both wholesome and delicious.

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