Consumers Continue to Crave Vegan Baked Goods in 2022

Dawn Foods Offers Products and Support to

Easily Add Vegan Into Your Bakery Mix


It’s no surprise that vegan baking is on the rise, both in home kitchens and in bakeries across North America. The convergence of key factors, like a COVID-inspired focus on healthier eating and a mainstream availability of vegan ingredients and inspiration, is placing vegan treats top of mind. In fact, recent data (1) indicates social media conversations around baking increased 12 percent, while conversations around vegan baking jumped 35 percent – a more than 20-point difference. And, online searches for “vegan” get three times more interest than searches for “vegetarian” or “gluten-free (2).”

If you’re a baker considering how to bring a selection of vegan baked goods into your business, it can feel intimidating. Dawn Foods has invested in creating a full portfolio of vegan mixes and complementary products to help bakeries move past intimidation toward profits. 


Dawn takes the guesswork out of going vegan

Dawn Food’s Global Research & Development team tested hundreds of recipes to create the best tasting vegan mixes and complimentary products without sacrificing quality, consistency, or taste. The result? We’ve been able to replace traditional items in our products (primarily eggs) with plant-based ingredients that mimic the functionality of the original ingredients, delivering the same taste.

“For many bakeries, the decision is not whether they should have vegan products, but rather how to create vegan products that taste like their traditional counterparts,” said Anne Marie Halfmann, Marketing, Dawn Foods. “With Dawn’s vegan portfolio, we’ve created an opportunity for bakeries to simply swap a Vegan mix with the traditional mix to create vegan items without all the trial and error or complicated substitutions. Bakers just add water to the Vegan mix – it’s that easy. This ultimately saves our customers time, money, and labor.”

Vegan choices that drive profits

Dawn’s vegan product portfolio is extensive, including donut mixes, crème cake mixes, a brownie mix, and a cookie base, along with fillings, icings, and glazes.

“Even if bakers start with one donut or a cookie, it makes sense to bring vegan products into your assortment,” added Halfmann. “Data shows that the average vegan product drives a 25 percent price premium (3).” Bottom line? Customers will pay more for vegan.

Additionally, vegan products often bring in new sales. Burger King’s launch of its plant-based Impossible Burger increased sales growth by 5 percent, drove incremental sales and attracted new guests (4).

In short, Vegan products make sense. They meet the growing demands of consumers who want to feel good about the treats they’re eating, and they are willing to pay more for them. Now more than ever, it’s easy to incorporate great tasting, high performing vegan products into your assortment. With a few simple swaps and the support of your Dawn Foods team, your business can increase sales and expand your assortment. To get started, visit Yes! It’s Vegan.

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