Countdown to holidays

Preparing for the holiday season requires a lot of work—and foresight. There are a slew of things to juggle, such as calculating and ordering the correct number of supplies, creating a menu and hiring additional staff support. It can be overwhelming, but a solid checklist can help bakers stay on top of what needs to get done ahead of the hectic holiday season and maximize efficiency in the process.

Planning for the holidays is “like a hornet’s nest just before it’s been kicked,” says Cary Green, director of baking and quality assurance at A Piece of Cake, which has 12 locations in Georgia. Green outlines his game plan of what should be accomplished in the months leading up to the holidays to help avoid any potential problems during a very busy season. “We will ship 600 cakes a day during the peak times,” Green says. “That takes some careful planning!”


Month-by-month holiday preparation tips for bakeries