Bakery Spotlight: Special Touch Bakery

Special Touch Bakery

Baking Better Communities, One Pie at a Time

Dawn Customer Special Touch Bakery is on Mission, and We’re Helping Them Achieve it

At Dawn Foods, we believe our products matter. And, when you get to work with unique bakeries like Special Touch Bakery, you can see how much they matter.

Everyone at Special Touch Bakery is on a mission to fill the world with delicious pies - pies that are produced on state-of-the-art equipment, with professionalism and care, and made from the freshest and best ingredients available.  And even though they turn to innovation and technology to create their product, all Special Touch Bakery premium pies are still handmade.  

What makes the bakery so unique? To start, their fruit pies are made with non-GMO ingredients, they offer vegan fruit pies, and their high tech production pie line from Italy is interchangeable to accommodate pie making in various sizes. Special Touch Bakery also does private label baking for outside companies.

But the true story of the bakery and what makes it unique is in its roots and the staff they employ. Special Touch Bakery began as a vocational program in the early 1980’s.  Shirley Lynch, a vocational instructor at Holy Childhood (a non-profit, non-denominational agency that serves children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities) thought baking was the perfect skill-building activity for the adults in her program. Because it is a process that can be broken down into many steps and tailored to everyone’s abilities, she found pie making to be a task people of all abilities could learn to do.  

Fast forward a decade or two, and the pies became more and more popular. By 2002, Shirley and the bakers were proudly making 17,000 pies a year out of a tiny, 700 sq. ft. space.  In 2017, Special Touch Bakery moved to a new state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. ft. bakery located in Rochester, NY.

Special Touch Bakery relies on Dawn to be its partner of choice for key ingredients required for its growing operation. “Dawn Foods absolutely delivers, in more ways than one, and is a great partner to Special Touch Bakery.  The quality of product, reliability and delivery of products is excellent and essential to our business.  Dawn Foods is also very price competitive, which is critical to our fast-growing bakery,” said Joe Perdicho, Director of Bakery Operations at Special Touch Bakery.  

With Dawn’s national distribution network. Special Touch Bakery knows it will have products in hand when needed, which is important because the bakery has no plans of standing still. “We are constantly working to expand our reach to more states across the U.S., reach more customers, and add new employees, added Mr. Perdicho.  

The philosophy of the bakery and the dedication of the team is an example of what Dawn has always known to be true – baking is more than a craft; it’s a way to share happiness, for everyone involved.  

You can learn more about Special Touch Bakery, its staff and its vocational training program at Facebook (specialtouchbakery), Twitter (@spectouchbakery), Instagram (specialtouchbakery) and LinkedIn.  

Special Touch Bakery Customer Spotlight

How do you define bakery success?

We translate success to having satisfied customers, happy and productive employees, and growth and expansion of our business. The success of our vocational training programs, our reach into the community and other school programs also defines our success.  Special Touch Bakery’s success would also mean being able to hire more employees of all abilities and implement more production shifts.