Dawn Foods Takes a Look Back at The Bakery Business for 2022


We’re Sharing The Year’s Top Five Business insights and Looking Forward to 2023

To help customers assess how their year is ending and best plan for 2023, we’ve pulled together our list of the top operational insights we observed throughout the year. Here are five insights that you can explore for your bakery and decide how to incorporate them into your strategies for next year.

1. Labor and Cost Savings Drive Choices

Every business wants to see COVID-19 in the rearview mirror, no longer impacting how we live, work, or shop. But, if 2022 taught us anything, it’s that everyone is still feeling the ripple effects of the pandemic. With a reduced workforce, supply chain challenges, and product shortages, bakeries are proactively pivoting to address these issues.

“There is definitely a rebound underway, but it is challenging,” said Sarah Hickey, senior director, Insights and Marketing, Dawn Foods. “Bakeries want to be past COVID, and in order to feel that way, they are learning how to operate more efficiently to achieve the same results with fewer people and products to help them.” Sarah noted that this could mean switching up the bakery’s ingredients to include more versatile mixes that can do double duty and make multiple products or incorporating frozen items that are easier to make and more flexible, which reduces baking time.

Regardless of how bakeries do more with less, the goal is to effectively navigate complex labor and product shortages. “We’re starting to see consumers move toward those 2019 pre-COVID behaviors, and bakeries need to find creative solutions to deliver on those expectations.”

2. Large Celebrations are Making a Comeback

During the pandemic, businesses pivoted toward single-serving celebration sizes to promote safety and reinforce social distancing. Now, consumers are gravitating back toward larger gatherings. Parties, celebrations, and events are becoming the rule instead of the exception, and bakeries should expand their serving sizes to reflect this. “Larger gatherings are coming back and people are making up for lost time with even bigger events than ever before. Bakeries are adding in larger sizes of their products to capitalize on this,” Sarah said. This could mean sheet cakes, tarts, pies, or anything that is shareable. Small bites have their place when it comes to everyday sweet occasions, but larger desserts are growing in demand for gatherings again.

3. Bakeries are Adopting Speed Scratch Baking

Supply chain issues and ingredient prices present new challenges for bakeries that primarily use scratch baking. Many Dawn customers are pivoting toward speed scratch baking, which incorporates key products like mixes and ready-to-use icings into recipes to streamline the process and reduce ingredients without sacrificing quality or taste. “Speed scratch recipes are ideal for bakers who want to maintain consistency in how they develop the desserts in their case and also save time and money,” Sarah said. “Dawn’s product portfolio is full of options that help bakeries improve their bottom line while still delighting consumers with delicious treats.”

4. Recipes Should Drive Inspiration

More and more, food is a social experience for consumers. Bakeries are integrating social media into their business strategies and creating treats that inspire their customers to click, snap, and share. “Bakeries understand the power of social media and how it can help drive traffic to their bakeries or online ordering sites,” Sarah said. “Creating a few seasonal desserts or Limited Time Offers with high visual appeal can inspire customers to post their purchases on their platforms and share with others as ‘word of mouth’.” For bakeries that need help starting a social media program, Dawn Foods can help. We offer social media templates and other tools bakeries can customize for their business. With a few clicks and downloads, you can be on your way.

5. Technology is Key

Bakeries are taking advantage of tools that help them automate routine operational tasks. From online ordering powered by custom shopping lists to accessing past order histories and product information, customers who want to be as efficient as possible are investing in tech. Dawn Foods offers our online bakery accounts to help current customers do just that – increase efficiency and understand more about your own business. Registering is easy; if you’re a current customer just go to Shop.DawnFoods.com and answer a few simple questions to get started.

As bakeries look forward to 2023, there is no shortage of ideas for improving your operation. Beyond these insights, Dawn is working with customers to help you establish goals for 2023 and meet them. A few ways we can help:


1. Understand trends and how they can improve your assortment. Dawn recently released our new Global Bakery Trends, detailing the key trends shaping the bakery business.

2. Create a Dawn Foods Online Bakery Account to do more with less and streamline daily tasks. It’s an easy investment in your business that helps you order, organize, and integrate your bakery’s needs into one smart tool.

3. Talk with our technical sales representatives. This trained team of experts works with bakeries to resolve product performance challenges, help with team training, and manage recipe development.


As you plan for the holiday season and beyond, know that Dawn Foods is here to help. Contact us today to start making small changes that will greatly impact on your bottom line.


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