Dawn Shares Three Ways to Get Inspired and Incorporate Healthier Baked Goods into Your Bakery

Better For You Products Have Lasting Consumer Appeal Extending Beyond New Year’s Resolutions

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Everyone is familiar with the typical New Year’s resolution of getting healthier. This is the year we’re working out, sleeping more, and eating better. And while many of these goals fall off as the year goes on, one priority that has staying power is the consumer trend toward Better-for-You products. What does Better-for-You entail? Luckily, the growing category of products can encompass everything from vegan and vegetarian, to clean label ingredients, to locally sourced ingredients, and more.

Better-or-You products are also gaining popularity because consumers are putting more thought into the foods they eat. Dawn’s Global Bakery Trends- specifically Mindfulness Matters - highlight our heightened awareness of our food choices and how they impact our health, communities, and the planet.

The bottom line? Your customers want to feel good about what they’re eating, and by adopting these three approaches to Better-for-You baked goods, you can dial up the inspiration and give your customers what they’re craving.

Think Functional Foods

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The pandemic put a lasting spotlight on eating for health and immunity. As bakeries move forward into post-pandemic operations, the desire for ingredients that provide value to our bodies hasn’t gone away. Fortunately, many functional ingredients that offer specific health benefits marry well with desserts. According to a Datassential study on health and wellness (1), functional ingredients that are growing in popularity are matcha, turmeric, tart cherry, chia, and cacao. Additionally, warming and earthy spices like cinnamon and ginger, which also provide health benefits, are appearing more and more on menus everywhere. And traditional ingredients, like citrus, are taking on new meaning. Once valued primarily for that punch of bright flavor, lemon, grapefruit, and orange are now being promoted for immunity-boosting vitamin C. Be sure to market the ingredients you’re using to speak to consumers in the ways that matter to them.

Inspiration Tip >>> Take advantage of seasonal opportunities to encourage customers to try immunity-boosting desserts.

Bake with Clean Label Products

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Consumers are demanding cleaner label products. This means baking with ingredients they recognize, and fewer of them. Dawn is here to help! Dawn Balance is a full line of cleaner ingredients that allows you to meet consumer demand for cleaner label options with delicious products made from high-quality ingredients your customers will love.

Dawn Balance® cleaner label products are formulated without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, or other unnecessary ingredients. They deliver a delicious taste that meets your high standards, making it easy for you to create inspired desserts that attract customers and help set your bakery apart. From cake and donut mixes to glazes, icings, and fillings, Dawn Balance can help you make what consumers want while maintaining the quality and consistency you need.

Inspiration Tip >>> For guidance on how to best swap out current products with Dawn Balance ingredients, contact your Dawn sales rep and ask how our technicians can train your team to optimize product performance.

Embrace Vegan

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Vegan baked goods are on the rise in home baking and in bakeries. Offering a few vegan options helps you meet consumer demand and showcase your baking talents. With a few smart swaps, you can create vegan options as decadent and delicious as their traditional counterparts. Dawn’s vegan line of mixes is simple to use. In most cases, you just add water and are on your way to great-tasting vegan desserts. You can then add the special touches that make them unique to your bakery.

“It may be hard to believe that you can make a vegan version of a crème cake traditionally made with 35 percent egg content,” said Allison Hornev, marketing, Dawn Foods. “But you can, and our vegan version has been tested to prove it performs just as well and tastes amazing.” 

With Dawn’s mixes, you can be confident that your vegan products’ consistency, quality, and texture are at comparable levels to their dairy and egg counterparts. “It was important for us to believe in the functionality of our vegan line, “Hornev added. “This demand for quality drove the hundreds of hours of testing we conducted with various partners. We knew that sacrificing performance was not an option.”

Inspiration Tip >>> Going vegan isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. Many bakeries start with one or two vegan choices to understand what their customers want and are willing to pay. Many times, vegan products command a higher price point. Start small with a vegan Limited Time Offer to see what works best for your business.

Regardless of how you incorporate Better For You baking in 2023, Dawn Foods is here to help you be inspired all year long. We’ve got you covered from our Winter Inspiration Guide to our library of recipes that give vegan, clean label, and healthy ingredient options.

If you’re ready to start, download the Guide, visit our recipes, or contact your Dawn Sales Representative today.

1 Datassential Health and Wellness, September 2022

As you plan for the New Year and beyond, know that Dawn Foods is here to help. Contact us today to start making small changes that will greatly impact on your bottom line.

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