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Fall is here and spooky season has arrived! I don’t know about you, but there’s something about Halloween that gets one in the “spirit” to get even more creative with our baking selections. This year, we’ve rounded up a few Halloween treats that will be sure to scare up a good appetite among your customers. Our Top 10 Halloween recipes will bring a spooky flair to your dessert creations while also being wickedly delicious!

1) Mummy Brownies


Get creepily creative with our easy-to-make mummy brownies! This is a cute and fun idea that would be a hit at upcoming Halloween parties and kid-friendly group activities.

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2) Halloween Sugar Cookies


Get festive with our Halloween-inspired sugar cookies. These cookies come adorned with our tantalizing buttercream style icing in a classic Halloween-colored assortment with a touch of electrifying neon pink. Garnish them with bat shapes, ghosts, and other Halloween blend decorettes for a boo-tiful finish!

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3) Poison Apple Cake


Despite its name, you’ll definitely want to take a bite out of this! This cake is the perfect centerpiece for your next Halloween-themed dessert selections. Your customers will be drawn in by its eerie yet enchanting taste that would make even Snow White double back on!

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4)  Halloween Sprinkle Cupcakes


Be afraid…Be very afraid and as you meet the goblin monster of Halloween-inspired cupcakes! Give both fright and delight with its perfectly blended swirl of green and purple buttercream style icing and sprinkled toppings that make it such an attractive dessert offering!

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5) Halloween Donuts


Make this Halloween treat a part of your spooky specials! Get fun and festive with a delicious variety of chocolate flat icing in spider webs, fall colors, and Halloween decorative sprinkles to deliver an overall spooktacular treat!

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6) Halloween Drip Cake


Present a spooky and delicious option to your customers this Halloween. A perfect option to present to your customers for an upcoming Halloween Party! 

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7) Candy Corn Cupcakes


This cupcake is an ode to the popular Halloween candy treat with an even sweeter twist! The perfect trifecta of candy corn-inspired colors atop a delicious chocolate cupcake base will make for a seasonal favorite among your customers!

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8) Spooky Cake Pops


Create these spooky Cake Pops as a Halloween treat option for your store. Serve them by themselves or place them on top of your next Halloween cake. 

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9) Buttercream Pumpkin Cake



There’s a new pumpkin patch favorite and it comes in cake! Serve this up as a beautiful display to bring in the Autumn Harvest.

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10) Sour Gummy Donut


Create this fun Halloween-inspired design with your favorite nostalgic candy and add it to your Halloween-themed treats. 

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