Donuts Are Top in Takeout

COVID-19 is impacting everything from how bakers sell to how consumers shop. And while bakers have worked to pivot and uncover strategies for smart selling, new trends emerged that shine a light on what consumers crave, order, and order again.

One bakery product that’s trending in takeout is donuts.

According to a Yelp survey that uncovered the top delivery orders by state since March 16, donuts were among the most popular foods, winning the state of Minnesota for frequency in online ordering. also dug into the top trends that emerged during COVID, and donuts emerged once again. Kits are the craze right now, and take home, decorate-your-own-donut kits were introduced by bakeries all across the country as a way to bring families together. Another COVID top trend is food donations, and many bakeries stepped up to donate donuts to first responders and healthcare workers, most often on a weekly basis.

Don't let this trend pass you by. Make sure you're doing all you can to promote, sell and satisfy your consumers with the always popular donut.