Holiday Kits Drive Growth for Bakeries While Making the Season Memorable for Consumers

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for most bakeries, with more special orders and higher foot traffic. This gives bakers an annual opportunity to develop limited time offers, seasonally inspired products, and eye catching desserts that drive sales.

This year, Dawn Foods is working with customers to develop Take Home Holiday Kits - an ideal product for creating incremental sales while giving families an easy way to make family memories with less stress and less mess.

“For so many families, nothing says the holidays quite like baking together, and the best part of baking is often the decorating,” said Traci Maginn, senior manager of Buy/Sell Category Marketing, Dawn Foods. “Why not offer take home kits that give families pre-baked cookies, all the decorations, and tools like pastry bags? It’s like a family memory in a box – easy to grab, take home, and enjoy.”

Consumers also have higher confidence in the taste and quality of kits that come from their trusted bakery versus a retailer or craft store that doesn’t specialize in bakery products. Maginn added, “There is something special about a cookie kit that comes from a bakery – consumers just know it will taste like the holidays.”

Take Home Holiday Kits Capitalize on New Behaviors

“Take Home Holiday Kits also align with many consumer behaviors that have become part of how the world now operates,” added Maginn. Even though the world is emerging from COVID quarantining, many of the behaviors adopted in 2020 aren’t going away. Pre-packaged items, grab and go options, and products that can be ordered online and delivered are just a few new consumer preferences.”

cupcake kit box

Kits at a Glance

The possibilities for the kits are endless and can be tailored to each bakery’s most loved products. While cut out cookies are timeless favorites, bakers should also consider large message cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and more. “If a bakery is known for its donuts, do a donut kit.” Said Maginn. “That’s what makes this program so successful – bakers can leverage the products they are known for and that are the most profitable, package them in a unique way, and help consumers enjoy the holidays, ultimately creating loyalty and repeat business.”

Kits often increase impulse purchases as well. When packaged in a window box and smartly displayed, consumers who weren’t even thinking about kits will be hard pressed to leave the bakery without one.


Something To Talk About

Take home kits also give bakers a consistent holiday item to promote, helping to increase traffic. “Bakers can feature the kits on their social platforms, website, and in any seasonal newsletters or emails to customers,” Maginn said. “They can inspire consumers and help them embrace the season.”

new normal_kit

The bottom line? Think about implementing a Take Home Holiday Kit program for the holidays. They give bakeries a unique product that can build seasonal sales and keep the business top of mind all year long, while helping families create a little more holiday magic.