How to Measure Your Bakery's Success on Social Media

A strong social media presence is an invaluable—and cost-effective—marketing tool for bakeries. When used effectively, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram create meaningful connections between bakeries and their customers, and can increase awareness of the business to new potential customers. To succeed on social, staying active is crucial, but it’s also important to understand how to analyze post performance data.  

“Social media has had a huge impact on our business, and that [knowledge] really comes from measuring it with numbers,” says Mayly Tao, owner of DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica, California. As the bakery’s Instagram page grew, it helped attract new customers. “With over 85K followers and 11,000+ followers on Facebook and Instagram, our sales have doubled since incorporating social media into our business model,” Tao continues. Plus, it’s broadened their reach. “We’ve seen an influx of customers from a larger area!”

Follow her lead by tracking performance using these three key performance indicators (KPI).


1. Engagement

“Social media is an engagement game,” Tao says. By this she means, “how many comments and how much buzz is happening around a certain post.” It also includes likes, shares and clicks a post receives, too. The more engagement a post receives, the more likely social media algorithms will push your post to the top of other users’ feeds. One way to help increase engagement is by interacting with customers in the comments section. For example, answer any questions posed, thank customers if they compliment your bakery and address any complaints. 

donut cannolis

Donut cannolis from DK's Donuts

2. Impressions

Follower count is important, but it doesn’t tell you how many people actually saw your posts. Instead, look at impressions: the number of times the post showed up on a social media user’s newsfeed. This is a better gauge of reach, as it indicates how many people actually saw the post versus how many people could see it. The higher the percentage of followers who see the post, the more successful it is. Use the social media platform’s ads tool manager to gauge the success of posts.

multi-colored donuts on a tray

Selection of DK's Donuts on a silver tray

3. Conversions 

For some tech-savvy bakeries, increasing revenue through social media is a big goal. Pay attention to how many customers come to the website from social media to place orders, especially when creating content around sales initiatives. This can be determined by keeping track of website clicks through tools like Google Analytics.