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Dawn’s new online ordering platform gives bakers the convenience to order products 24/7—and spend more quality time with your customers.

We know you’re up early and late to get your popular bakery products ready by opening time. Your workday doesn’t span 9 to 5—and neither should your bakery solutions partner. Dawn’s online ordering platform is open round the clock, always ready to help you stock your kitchen and inspire your bakery creations.

The company’s new online ordering platform, which launched last month, promises new flexibility and ease when it comes to working with Dawn. This online platform provides the ability to shop, order, track status and view order history on your own time, anytime, from anywhere.

“A lot of bakers work overnight and early mornings, so this gives them the convenience to place their orders when they’re ready,” says Ryan McTigue, a Dawn Market Sales Representative in Denver, who calls the ability to place orders anytime a huge, new advantage for customers.


“They’ll be able to order online and shop all of Dawn’s products, which ultimately will make their life easier by being able to leverage Dawn to deliver more value to their bakery,” says Josh Sukenic, Dawn Vice President, General Manager of Digital Business Transformation. “They’ll be able to order anytime, anywhere online.”

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The online ordering platform offers you a way to order a product the minute you realize you forgot to buy it or are low on a mix. 

“If it’s 4 a.m., that baker who just ran out of Dawn Exceptional Raised A Donut Mix can add that into their cart for delivery on their next order. It helps our bakery customers spend less time worrying about what to order and more time doing what they love—creating amazing bakery products and interacting with customers,” Sukenic says.

And it’s right at your fingertips. The online ordering platform is mobile-friendly, so you can enter your order on your smartphone or tablet as you’re walking around checking what you need—or you can shop and order when you sit down at your computer. “Now you’re taking a step out of that process,” says Seth Karich, a Dawn Market Sales Manager in Minneapolis. “There’s no need to write stuff down, so the time savings is a big benefit.”

Plus, McTigue says, you will be able to see your order history in real time—improving bakery inventory control and profitability.

“We’re giving the customer the ability to order, understand what’s in their account, what invoices are due, what they’re receiving on the truck, and what else they can order from Dawn on their own time,” he says.

More Sales rep Support

It’s all about more. More online benefits and more time to talk to your Dawn sales rep, Sukenic says. 

Your rep, your market expert, will continue to consult and notify you of market trends, guide the bakery on what is and what’s not selling, update you on Dawn’s innovations, and inform you about what Dawn’s doing in the market to inspire your baking.

“So now, a baker’s time with their sales rep can be better spent talking about how that customer wants to grow their business or reduce risk or save time with their business,” Sukenic says. “And that sales rep is going to be talking to the baker about what Dawn can do to help with their needs and opportunities.” 

Karich points to one recent example from a customer with the goal of aggressive bakery growth. Dawn reps helped figure out how to capture a new target audience: Dawn studied the customer’s market area, examined local trends, and determined the customer should pursue a growing group seeking a healthier yet indulgent treat with natural components and less artificial flavors and colors. Using Dawn better-for-you ingredients, the bakery customer did a big social media push and marketing blast and was able to significantly grow their business, Karich says. 

McTigue says he will use his newfound time to help customers who are trying to identify new products and creative ways to expand their business. “It’ll free up time for me to do a product sampling, working with one of my technical sales reps to find new products for them to add to their menu.”

How It All Began

The idea for eCommerce and an  online ordering platform began with requests from Dawn’s customers who have been seeking a solution, and Dawn’s market research team, which talked with sales reps and customer service reps about customer needs and how Dawn could innovate to be an even better partner. The team found that customers are looking for a more convenient and flexible way to interact with Dawn—and specifically order online.

“The market right now—B2B customers, business owners and consumers in general—they’re used to researching online, finding information and ordering product at their convenience. The best part is Dawn’s sales representatives are not going anywhere. They are available to help with any questions our customers can’t find online and work with customers to sample new products,” Sukenic says.

To develop the online ordering platform, Dawn tapped experts from supply chain and marketing to sales “to make sure we’re delivering our customers the best experience,” Sukenic says. Before launch, Dawn ran a pilot test with about 150 customers to evaluate the online ordering experience before opening it up to Dawn’s approximately 15,000 artisanal bakery customers in the U.S. The pilot program yielded many customer-driven lessons and insights, Sukenic says. “We pride ourselves on this being a platform built for bakers by bakers.


Sukenic says the Dawn team will continue to do focus groups and testing to improve the online ordering platform: “We’ll always be listening to customers and say, ‘Hey, what do you want next? How can we help you next?’ We’ve got a lot of great ideas we’ve heard from customers, and we’re going to keep talking to customers over and over again.”

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