Incorporate Flowers into Bakery Creations

Seasonal Delight

Fruit Tarts: Fill tart shells with custard filling. Decorate with fresh fruit of your choice. Finish with apricot glaze. Top with fresh flowers.


Flowerpot cupcakes

Flowerpot Cupcakes

Succulent Blossoms

Flowerpot Cupcakes: Mix cake according to instructions. Into the terra-cotta molds, use a #6 grey scoop to deposit 3 ounces batter into each cavity. Bake at 350 F until cupcakes spring back lightly when touched. Decorate with buttercreme flowers and leaves.


Violet donut bouquet

Violet Donut Bouquet

Edible Arrangement

Violet Donut Bouquet: Prepare donut mix according to instructions. Fry and let cool completely. Create violet icing and pink icing by mixing each food coloring with flat white icing. Dip half the donuts in violet icing and half in pink icing. Finish with sprinkles.

Photos: Conway Photography