June Profitability Playbook

Make Summer Sweet 

Dawn’s Monthly Profitability Playbook Breaks Down The Opportunities Throughout June to Boost Sales and Celebrate Sweet Moments

This month, our Profitability Playbook focuses on the many summer moments June offers bakeries who are seeking ways to drive higher sales and improve customer loyalty. Some savvy planning and tweaks to the bakery assortment can help bakers grow all season long.

Start with Summer Flavors

June means the true start of summer. With the end of school and pools opening, consumers start to crave the tastes they associate with summer months. Our inspiration guides bring together ideas, recipes, and inspiration to help craft an assortment that is bursting with fruit flavors and vibrant colors. You can download the guide here.

Graduates Deserve Cake!

Graduations are everywhere in June, and high school and college grads deserve to feel celebrated for all they’ve accomplished. This season also gives bakeries an opportunity to showcase decorating skills and creativity. Go beyond the traditional sheet cake and offer unique forms like cupcakes or tiered cakes. Dawn makes it easy to advertise all bakeries are doing with our graduation posters and door clings. Just download and go! We also have recipes that offer a unique twist on graduation, like our macaron cake and graduation cupcakes. Learn more here:

Graduation Poster & Cling



Don’t Forget Dads
Father’s Day is June 19 and can be a big day for bakeries, especially if they feature dad-inspired treats like our pretzels and beer cupcakes, eggs and bacon cupcakes, and other sweet twists on some of dad’s favorite flavors. We’ve created marketing materials that bakeries can use to bring customers in the door for their Father’s Day celebrations.

Father's Day Poster & Cling



Be Ready for Wedding Season

Even though weddings happen all year long, June marks the start of the busy season for wedding celebrations. Bakeries need to be ready to anticipate the season so that they can stand out and be chosen for the bride and groom’s special day. Since wedding cakes aren’t something bakeries mix into their regular assortment, marketing plays a key role. Bakers should curate examples of their wedding cakes and other desserts and create collection on social media. And in the case of weddings, photos can make or break the deal. If bakeries don’t have images that best reflect their wedding work, now is the time to pull them together.


Once the marketing is in place, be sure to advertise all the options available for weddings, from traditional cakes to unique desserts like a French croquembouche. Check out recipes here:



Share Pride in PRIDE

June marks Pride Month and it’s typically a time full of parades and parties to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and commemorate the 1960 Stonewall Riots. It’s an ideal time for bakeries to show support and mark Pride events in their local communities. Here are some Pride-inspired recipes that will add color and joy to bakery cases all month long:


There’s no denying that June is a busy bakery month. Start today to capitalize on all the moments that matter this season. Contact Dawn Foods today so we can help you develop the right assortment and marketing to boost sales and grow relationships all month long.