Kitchen Upgrade: New Bakery Equipment

Check out three pieces of cutting-edge equipment that free up bakers' time and head space.
Hobart HL200 Series Mixer
New controls can adjust the speed while the mixer is on to avoid over-mixing, and a timer automatically shuts off the machine after use.
proBAKE Electronic Water Meter
At Bennison’s Bakery in Evanston, Illinois, dosing 105 pounds of water into the mixer for baguette dough is a cinch: Owner Jory Downer puts the hose in the mixer and walks away. An electronic meter controls the water amount and temperature. “It works so well we bought a second one,” Downer says.
Belshaw 618L Open Kettle Donut Fryer
Robust and efficient, this fryer can make up to 100 dozen donuts per hour, giving bakers more time to get creative with finishes and decorations.