Leveraging Dawn Foods Experts as an Extension of The Bakery Team

Bakers around the country are dealing with reduced labor pools and the resulting impact of doing more work with fewer resources. Bakeries that succeed in this environment are those that assess multiple dimensions of their business, like products, technology, marketing, packaging and more.

One often overlooked avenue for doing more with less is turning to the trusted team at Dawn Foods. Our sales and technical experts work with customers of all sizes to help them optimize operations and ensure they are performing with efficiency and effectiveness.

Turn Up the Training

As bakers experiment with new products or use products in a new way to maximize operations, don’t forgo training. Dawn works with bakeries to train them on new products or new uses for existing products to make sure they perform as designed and save customers both time and money. “We work with customers all the time to help them optimize their products so that they turn out baked goods that taste and look great, with the stability and shelf life they expect, “ said Mark Carlin, Market Sales Representative, Dawn Foods.


Conduct a Cost Assessment

Carlin added, “Another area where bakeries can improve is by understanding the true cost of the products they make. We regularly walk customers through the total investment of a menu item, from ingredient costs, to labor costs for production and finishing, to the cost of the commodity items it might take to produce the product, like oil – which happens to be at a very high price point right now.” Carlin said that based on the analysis, Dawn will make recommendations on how to reduce those costs, from swapping out comparable ingredients to looking at frozen options or reconfiguring the entire assortment. “Many customers experience immediate success with subbing in a mix for scratch ingredients or event a scratch-mix blend. At the end of the day, we want our customers to create the highest quality products at the lowest cost for their business, and working with them to assess bowl costs proves to be eye opening and extremely helpful.”

Optimize Performance

In addition to training, Dawn will also work with bakery teams to make sure product performance is optimized.

Factors like equipment, altitude, humidity, and more can impact the final product. Carlin said, “If teams are used to baking without taking these variables into consideration, they may be losing product because of required rework or waste or sacrificing visual appeal or flavor. We have deep knowledge on the products and their formulations, meaning we can help bakers optimize them in their operations.”


Look to the Library

IIn addition to customized support from the Dawn team, there is also a wide variety of digital resources available for bakers. From technical specifications and product nutritional information, to recipes, consumer insights and trends, and more, Dawn has developed a robust library of helpful content created to help bakeries get the most out of their ingredients, their products, and their teams.

Operating short staffed can be a challenge. But with the Dawn team ready to step in where needed, bakeries can operate with a full arsenal of expertise and product know-how. To learn more, bakers should contact their Dawn representative.

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