Looking for Holiday Inspiration?

Dawn’s Seasonal Inspiration Guide Helps You Get More Done with Insights, Trends, and Recipes.

Are you busy preparing for the holidays?

Drive more traffic to your bakery with unique flavors, a fresh take on traditions, and desserts that help your customers take their celebrations to the next level.

Dawn Food’s Seasonal Inspiration Guide was created to help you get the most out of holiday season sales. We’ve pulled together our latest consumer insights and paired them with recipes, holiday inspiration, and a focus on flavors.


Interested in how to encourage customers to buy more at Halloween?

We have the recipes that will get consumers craving cake over candy. We’ve also curated a series on apple-inspired desserts to help you capitalize on one of fall’s favorite flavors. According to a February 2021 Datassential Study on Seasonality, fall ushers in the highest number of LTOs (limited time offers) on menus*, so be sure you’re capitalizing on this national drive to increase sales with holiday-inspired desserts.

The Inspiration Guide doesn’t stop there

It moves right into other seasonal ingredients, like spice, citrus, chocolate, and more. According to the same Datassentials study, fall and winter are optimal times of year to introduce pumpkin spice, apple, pecan, and decadent and deep chocolates**. Beyond a series of recipes featuring these popular flavors, we give you ideas for decorating that will showcase your team’s talents and get the most out of your icings, glazes and inclusions.

We know that getting inspired is just the first step

Dawn also has the full range of ingredients, mixes and other quality products that you need to bring your holiday-themed donuts, cakes, and desserts to life. Check out www.dawnfoods.com/seasonal to connect to the guide, online ordering, technical support, recipes and more. From that initial idea to your customer’s first bite, Dawn is here to help you grow.

*, ** Datassentials Seasonality, February 2021

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We’re creating future articles on specific ingredients and holidays throughout the coming months, so check back often. At Dawn, we work to inspire you with more to help you get more done all year long, and especially at the holidays.