March Profitability Playbook

Turn College Basketball Into a Slam Dunk for Your Bakery


This Month’s Profitability Playbook Breaks Down The Best Ways to Showcase College Tournaments and St. Patrick’s Day

At Dawn Foods, we believe that there is a way to increase sales and profits every month. With planning and purpose, bakeries can grow sales and forecast their futures with more confidence and less error. Our Profitability Playbook is designed to help bakers accomplish just that – boosted sales every month of the year.

For March, we’re looking at two main events for changing up your assortment and focusing your marketing – college basketball and St. Patrick’s Day.

Tournament Time Can Mean More Reasons to Celebrate

Moving into March, bakeries can focus on basketball. This is the time of year where all eyes are on the college playoffs and parties abound. Just like the baked goods you probably created for the football push in January and February, you can come up with basketball cupcakes and cookies or showcase the mascots and colors of local favorite teams.

Parties are also an ideal opportunity to focus on finger food desserts, making it easy for guests to snack, roam, and enjoy the day.

We’ve rounded up tasty, easy to make finger foods for your March product assortment:


St. Patrick’s Day also calls for fun desserts to mark the holiday. Yellow cakes and cupcakes adorned with shades of green or traditional Irish desserts like Irish apple cake, Guinness cake, or shortbread are perfect for spicing up your March assortment.



“Most customers might not connect college basketball to profits, but highlighting an event that communities celebrate every year makes sense and uncovers hidden opportunities,” said Wendy Westmoreland, Dawn Foods marketing manager, West. “At Dawn, we work with bakers each month of the year to find ways for them to boost their sales and become the bakery of choice.”

Are you ready to make the most out of March, and every other month? Get started by contacting Dawn Foods.