Moms Matter More than Ever

Mother’s Day is on our calendars every year, but in 2020, it has special meaning. 

As families all across the country are sheltering in place and staying home from regular activities, moms are doing more each and every day.

Now is the time to help your customers say “thank you, mom” for all she’s doing to keep spirits high, families fed, students educated, and minds entertained, all while maintaining her every day responsibilities and roles.

We’ve put together some ideas you can use this week to help bring consumers into your bakery as they search for the perfect way to honor the moms who are doing it all.

Kits for Kids 

On this day more than any other, kids want to make something special for mom. Pull together decorate-at-home kits of cookies, cupcakes or donuts so that children can add their own special touches to treats just for mom. Consider offering a range of sprinkle or icing colors so that each family can choose mom’s favorite colors. 

Unique Portion Sizes

We’ve talked before about adjusting portion sizes for quarantine – be sure to promote this for Mother’s Day. Smaller cakes or cupcakes that work for smaller celebrations will sell more than cakes that are better suited for larger crowds.

Partner with Other Local Businesses

Mom wants to be pampered on Mother’s Day. Consider working with other local businesses to offer gift baskets curated just for her. Things like a bottle of champagne, gift cards for massages or other spa services, or a gift card to her favorite restaurant are the perfect compliment to your baked goods.

Focus on Flavor

You’ve probably focused on traditional flavors the past several weeks, making what consumers want during the COVID crisis to maximize sales and reduce waste. Now is the time to mix it up and feature a special flavor profile just for mom. Flavors like lavender, spice, caramel, and others help mom feel taken care of. 

Mimosa cake donut

Promote Gift Cards

For some people, gift cards are the perfect gift during these times. Be sure to promote your gift cards and encourage them for Mother’s Day. Perhaps you could offer a cupcake with the purchase of gift cards over a certain amount. Get creative with how you package and promote them.

mother's day cupcakes

Share on Social

No matter what you decide to do for Mother’s Day, be sure to share it on your social channels. Ask customers to shout out to their moms, telling you what they love most about their mother. You can even create custom templates or surveys for Facebook or Instagram that customers can complete and share back out. Consider having a contest for the most unique or heartfelt stories. 

Mother’s Day gives bakeries an opportunity to boost sales and engagement while helping consumers celebrate the women they love. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity and shine a light on moms.

Looking for easy recipes to help celebrate mom? 

Here are some of Dawn’s favorites to help you get started: