Packaging that Packs a Labor-Saving Punch

A few smart changes can help bakers save time and manpower, and even increase sales. Dawn Foods Senior Manager of Buy/Sell Category Marketing Traci Maginn details different packaging options that do more than keep products fresh – they help deliver profitable growth.

Packaging Designed for Ease of Use

When bakers think of back of house and the packaging for the ingredients they use on a daily basis, the first thought that comes to mind should not be “unwieldy.” “Dawn Foods is always evolving our packaging to be simple and effective. And in today’s shrinking labor market, ensuring the bakery team is spending the least amount of time possible opening and closing pails and bags matters more than ever before,” said Maginn. Our new Dawn Exceptional® E-Z Open™ Flat Icings have a proprietary lid design that takes three times less force to open than Dawn’s current lids*, meaning teams can focus on baking and decorating, instead of struggling with packaging and wasting valuable time.

Replace Packaging that Requires Manual Assembly

Boxes are one of the most common packages found in bakeries across America.

From donuts to muffins, cupcakes and more, bakers use boxes daily. Maginn added, “most bakers use lock corner boxes that require timely manual assembly to connect the corners and lock them into place. Now is the ideal time to think about auto boxes that have pre-glued corners with attached lids.” It’s a small change but one that adds up, she said. Think about the labor savings from no longer putting boxes together on a daily basis and now just grabbing the box needed, when bakers need it.


Invest in Packaging that Helps Bakeries Sell

For front of the house solutions, consider single serve, grab and go packaging as well as clear packaging or packaging with windows. Integrating clamshells, clear or wax bags and other window containers into the mix will accomplish a few things: increase visibility and access to products without the need for a team member to take things out of the case, and secondly, help bakeries market with ease by creating unique combinations of products. Maginn said, “think about window boxes featuring a collection of your best selling donuts, or perhaps even inventory you’d like to sell before it’s no longer at peak freshness. With a little effort, this type of packaging can create a self-serve, yet high service environment for your customers that helps you sell more and sell what matters most to your profitability.”

To learn more about packaging that helps bakers get the most out of their team’s time and talents, reach out to a sales representative at Dawn Foods. We have a full inventory of packaging that helps with both back of the house efficiency and front of the house sales.

cake packaging

*Independent lab testing, October 2020

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