Sharing (and Snapping) Your Holiday Spirit

Bakeries with Integrated Marketing Drive Profits

It’s no secret that the holiday season is often the busiest time of the year. And when business is hectic, other tasks, like marketing, often slide to the bottom of the to do list. But with up to 30 percent of small business revenue tied to the holiday shopping season (, now is not the time to slow down efforts. To help bakers boost profits in the crucial months from October through December, Dawn Foods is sharing our top tips for making the most of marketing best practices.

Sell Online

Online shopping hit an all time high during 2020. Even though this increase was largely driven by COVID and quarantining, digital retail isn’t going away. According to, 71 percent of surveyed participants indicated they would do at least half of their holiday shopping online in 2020, and those numbers aren’t shrinking for 2021. In fact, digital commerce has increased more than 4 percent this year, and online ordering of sweet baked good servings grew by 143 percent last year**. How can bakeries take advantage of this behavior? Develop an online store for your business and promote it in your marketing. From everyday staples to unique holiday creations, marketing and selling your products online optimizes the behaviors of your customers and streamlines their experience.

Seek Out Partnerships

Other small businesses in your community are more than likely also craving new ideas to drive sales. Why not create partnerships with local entrepreneurs to bring the best of your town to your customers? It could be a mix of gift card baskets, wine and cupcakes, dinner and dessert, breakfast and a book; the options are up to you. This also doubles your marketing reach each time your partners mention and promote your bakery.

Step Up Your Social Media

To take advantage of social media and break through the clutter, set yourself up for success with a few tools like engaging photography, a strategic calendar for your social media posts, and a team member dedicated to managing your efforts. Research has consistently shown that posts with images are more noticed and interacted with. Start now by building your library of photos that showcases your recipes, your creativity, and your talents. In addition to pictures, also map out the stories you plan to tell. Are they about your history as a family baker?

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Sharing personal holiday memories? Creating “how to” videos with holiday recipes? It could be a mix of all of the above. Businesses that vary topics and share different sides of their story often have the most success. Lastly, as you create your posts for your social platforms, be sure you have someone with the time and skills to manage your efforts. Post consistently, with variety, at the times of day with high traffic, and with the ability to respond to the comments and questions you receive online.

Ask Customers to Help Create Community

Influencers are becoming more and more popular on social media. Getting a glimpse into the lives of people we relate to helps us feel connected. Take advantage of this trend by developing your own circle of influencers. These could be your team members, regular customers, other local business owners, or community “celebrities” like coaches or teachers. Ask them to share on their platforms a favorite dessert or baked good from your business, or suggest using your bakery for holiday parties. Endorsements create community, and community will help grow your business this holiday season and beyond.


Embrace Traditional Marketing

If print ads, radio spots, and printed newsletters have worked for you in the past, don’t let them go in an effort to modernize. Often, the most successful marketing integrates multiple channels into one campaign that reaches customers where they are. Depending on budget, advertising can be a tried and true extension of your free social media initiatives.



Shout Out To Shopping Small and Shopping Local

The holidays are the perfect time to encourage shopping. Suggest baked goods for the many gift occasions that happen in October through November. Bring a pie to a Thanksgiving get together or suggest traditional Jewish pastries for Hanukkah. Also promote annual shopping days, like Small Business Saturday, which is part of the Shop Small movement designed to promote local, small businesses. While shopping small is always a smart message, this year, with the projected national supply chain challenges, it is more relevant than ever.

Ready to get started? Just remember to develop your photos and stories, create a community of influencers, sell online, partner up, and extend your efforts into traditional marketing channels. Your bakery will sell more and build loyal customers who will be with you after the holidays and into 2022.

**Source: The NPD Group/CREST®