Steps to Create a Holiday Menu that Will Drive Busines in 2021

Holiday planning is about more than what you sell in the final months of the year. How you shape your menu and your marketing sets the tone for the New Year and beyond. Be sure you’re crafting a menu that brings people into your bakery and makes them eager for all you’ll offer in 2021.

1. Sprinkle in the Spices

The holidays are the perfect time of year to play with spices. From traditional favorites like cinnamon and nutmeg to unexpected inclusions like cardamom and chili, the winter months are ideal for the warming quality spices bring to nearly any baked good. And, they’re versatile enough to work in everything from cookies and muffins to donuts, cupcakes, and more.

2. Celebrate Citrus

People often think of citrus as a summer flavor, but in reality, citrus tastes best and is in peak season in winter. Bright lemon and lime, or blood orange and mandarin are the perfect compliments to the deep chocolates and nut flavors often associated with the holidays. And candied zest makes the perfect handmade finish to elevated desserts.

3. Go Gourmet

Everyone loves donuts, but not many may think of them as a gourmet dessert. With the latest Gourmet Donut trend, your customers will want donuts for their holiday parties and all yearlong. Gourmet Donuts bring together trend and tradition by taking favorite desserts and translating them into a donut.  Who wouldn’t want a Cream Cheese Truffle Donut or Black Forest Cherry Bismark? It’s definitely not your typical everyday donut!

4. Sell All Sizes

Most bakeries made adaptations to their packaging and serving sizes to respond to COVID protocols. Keep those coming this holiday season. From single serving sized treats to smaller cakes baked for parties with fewer attendees, be sure to offer customers an assortment that can meet everyone’s needs this season.

5. Do Digital

To help consumers feel as safe as possible as they support your business, be sure to update your website with your holiday menu. This will ensure online shopping and ordering, driving more sales and giving customers one more option for getting what they need this season.

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