Take Advantage of Trends to Attract Local Customers

No matter what's happening in the world, there are consumers trends that still drive behaviors and tastes. 

One of Dawn’s identified global trends is “My Food ID”, which highlights the consumer’s desire to support the businesses and products that share a story that aligns with their own values and priorities.

Now more than ever, consumers want to support businesses that are local and that give back to their own communities. What does this mean for your bakery? It means that now is the time to showcase your roots, your commitment, and your investment in your neighborhood.

Often, the primary factor that pushes consumers toward big, national brands versus local companies is convenience. People believe they’ll get what they ordered faster, better and with less hassle than purchasing from a smaller business that may not have invested in the variety, or the technology and systems that support consumer convenience.

Turn that story upside down! Many bakeries have pivoted during COVID to offer convenience and meet customers where they are. Be sure to showcase these new ways of working so that your consumers have no hesitation about supporting local. It will help them feel good about their personal food stories while improving your revenue.

Feature Online Ordering 

Even though the world is starting to open back up, people are wary about being out of their homes more than they need to be. If you have online ordering, be sure to promote it and remind customers of it often. Window signage, inserts with orders, and prominence on your website and social media platforms are all low cost, straightforward ways to move people online.

Continue Curbside Pick Up and Delivery

More than likely, you’ve come up with alternate ways for getting your baked goods into the hands of your consumers. Don’t stop delivery or curb side just because COVID restrictions are easing up. Continue to offer these one-stop, quick services for your customers. They’ll appreciate the convenience and will make supporting your bakery a regular habit.

Increase Variety for Mass Appeal

During COVID, you probably scaled back your menu to focus on traditional favorites and beloved flavors to ensure you were getting the most out of your product and your staff. Now that consumers are venturing out, be sure to increase the variety you offer so that customers can find what they want with you. From varying your product sizes (small to large cakes) to ramping up daily specials, to promoting seasonal flavors that bring people in the door, be sure to share how you’re adapting your menu to give shoppers a reason to stay local.

Gourmet Donuts





Foodie Expressions

Share it All on Social

No matter what you’re doing, it won’t matter if consumers don’t know about it. One of the best ways to encourage local shopping is to engage your audience through social media. Sharing daily specials and promoting your convenience services helps. Also think about how to showcase your bakery as a true asset of your community. What are you doing to support local businesses or schools? Do you share the story of your founding and how long you’ve been in the area? All of these elements matter and come together to create a compelling reason for consumers to buy from your bakery.

Share on Social and In Store

No matter what your plans are for the next wave of COVID, be sure to share your best practices on social media. Customers want to know that safety is still top of mind for your business and that you’re creative in how you’re adapting your operations. Posting regular updates on your social distancing initiatives and communicating in your shop with colorful signage are smart ways to connect to your audience and help them feel safe to shop with you.

Dawn Foods has developed an entire library of resources related to operating in the COVID environment. You can access the content HERE

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