The Balance Between Trends and Tradition

While consumers are craving traditional favorites that take them back to their childhood, it doesn’t mean you should forgo the trends. Creating a balance of trends and tradition is key to satisfying all your consumers.

How can you find the balance between trendy and traditional? We asked Dawn's Application Chef, Melissa Trimmer, CEPC, for tips on mixing the two.

1. What's the importance of incorporating trends in my bakery?

Trendy products often bring new customers in the door and can be exciting for long-time customers who want to try something new. It’s helpful to have a nice mix of perennial favorites along with trendy, seasonal items so your case always feels fresh, inviting and interesting. Additionally, always try to have something “instagramable” in the front of your shop; #eatertainment is the newest trend focusing on the experiential, sharable aspect to the foods we know and love.


2. How can I turn traditional favorites into trendy desserts?

Traditional favorites like cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and the like, appeal to nostalgia, resulting in customers being more open to indulge, even if they lead healthier lifestyles. Don’t stop there, though- you can add that nostalgic feel through creative applications as well. Think items like orange creamsicle cake popsicles, chocolate chip cookie cups or a chocolate coconut donut.

Think of your favorite nostalgic food memory and then think of another bakery item- and combine the two!  This is a classic example of Mashup Adventure, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

3. What traditional favorites should I include in my bakery case?

Donuts are a tried and true winner and an easy way to create trendy items out of a perennial favorite. Chocolate cake is another staple and is still the most popular cake flavor in the US, making it a “must” for any bakery case. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies and morning buns are good ideas as well. But, if you run a cupcake shop, don’t feel obligated to have every classic baked good in your case. Doing a few things really well is often better than doing everything not as well.

4. What flavors are trending for Winter?

Flavors trending this winter include champagne/rose, ginger, fudge, and coconut. But, don’t forget about classic winter flavors like peppermint, citrus, cranberry, eggnog, apple cider and mocha.

Did you know: Citrus and tropical fruits actually come into season during the winter months in the US?

5. What is the best way to market trendy baked goods?

Social media is key when pushing trendy items, but don’t forget that all your social pics should be complementary to the baked goods. Simple tricks like using natural light and clearing away background clutter will help elevate your posts. Find food styling and photography tips for social media here! Window clings, posters, samples and flyers are also great attention grabbers to shoppers that are in-store. Just remember to make sure to post and put pictures on your website as well since many customers are sticking to online shopping.

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