Tips for Customizing Without the Cost

Bakers everywhere are focused on creating unique, delicious treats without breaking their budgets. 

One of the smartest and simplest ways to elevate your case is to focus on glazes, inclusions, and icings. These shelf-stable staples help you create flavorful cakes, donuts, and more while getting you the most out of your investment.

Icings Showcase Your Creativity

Want to ramp up the visual appeal of your baked goods? Invest in icings. From Buttercreme-style to vibrant options full of color, icings can improve the taste of your baked goods as well as increase their value. Cakes and other creations that are more stylized and specific to an occasion often carry a higher price tag. They also give you a platform for sharing your team’s decorating skills.

Focus on Flavor with Inclusions

If you’re looking for a way to take your everyday cupcakes, cakes, and brownies and turn them into special treats, consider inclusions. Inclusions give your baked goods an unexpected surprise that will keep customers coming back, wanting to buy more. From dried fruits, chocolate chunks, nuts, and more, inclusions are simple to use, easy to store, and provide a big payoff.

cinnamon roll

Don't Worry and Go with Glazes

Now more than ever, labor shortages are a real issue. Teams often are operating at base levels and training may be taking a back burner to more pressing operational challenges. Glazes are a smart choice for getting the most out of your teams and your products. They perform well under a variety of conditions and take very little training to execute. Bottom line? Glazes help you turn traditional baked goods into special treats with added flavor, visual appeal and aroma.


No matter what you decide to invest in, remember that icings, inclusions, and glazes are products that give you what matters in today’s environment: consistency, quality, stability, and improved products. You can enhance how your baked goods taste and look, helping to secure top dollar for everything you make. 

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