Trendspotting: Cleaner Label Bakery Products

Bakeries across North America embrace the rise of clean label desserts.

Coming Clean Infographic

Dewey’s Bakery: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The key to extended shelf life for Dewey’s birthday cake, banana pudding and other cookies? Applesauce, which helps retain moisture while using less fat.

Sugar Bowl Bakery: Hayward, California

Button cakes in varieties like tropical mango and Madagascar vanilla are free from artificial flavors and colors. Sugar Bowl has also transitioned its donuts and fritters to trans fat- and preservative-free recipes.

Mountain Rhino Donuts: Calgary, Alberta

The donut shop uses natural colorants like fruits and chocolates to achieve distinctive hues—think donuts that are matcha green or lemon-raspberry red.

Cupcake Royale: Seattle 

Cupcake Royale partners with local farmers for dairy products made without artificial growth hormones, like the cheese for its roasted cherry goat cheese cupcake.

Glaze Artisan Donuts: West Caldwell and New Milford, New Jersey

In addition to natural food coloring, Glaze uses ingredients like cinnamon-honey simple syrup to add natural sweetness to unique donut flavors such as cannoli, Italian rainbow and pretzel mount.