What's Trending Spotlight: Twenty-Five 7

Dawn Foods uncovered the Top 8 consumer trends impacting bakery businesses, and here we’re taking a closer look at each one. This time, we’re focused on Twenty-Five 7, the trend that highlights today’s need for consumers to have easy, efficient, always accessible experiences to make it through the day.

Always Available - Food on Demand

How long did it take you to find your last meal? 

For more and more people, eating on the go is a way of life. In today’s busy world, time has become one of our most precious commodities, making us more and more creative as we look for ways to get the most out of our minutes. We turn to technology and products to speed up our days. With gadgets like the InstantPot, apps that improve our productivity, and services for ordering and getting our meals, we are able to cram more into 24 hours than ever before.

These new behaviors are also impacting when, where and what we eat. From smaller, snackable portion sizes to less mess products for easy portability, our food choices have become about what we can eat anywhere, at anytime without compromising the tastes we love.



Trend Talk - Twenty-Five 7 Everyday

Today people want their favorite foods to be available no matter what is happening around them. Consumers are snacking more, on the go, and using services to get food into their hands if they can’t stop by the restaurants or shops they count on. And they are turning to us to help them solve the time scarcity puzzle.

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What This Means For Your Bakery - Always On the Go and In Their Hands

What does Twenty-Five 7 mean for you? Here are some smart ways to make your bakery the answer for today’s busy lifestyle.

  • Consider bite sized or snackable portions that make it easy for customers to grab and eat on the go
  • Look at packaging alternatives that make transportation easy – clamshell boxes for cupcakes or other packages that protect your products encourage purchases no matter how busy people are
  • Invest in apps or online ordering that eliminate the time it takes to order in person or stand in lines. When customers know they can run in and out, they’ll be more willing to stop by with more frequency
  • Try an online delivery app to reach new or more customers

Research at the Ready - The Three Key Data Nuggets You Need to Know

Making it easy for your customers to purchase your baked goods makes good business sense.

  • Online grocery shopping is expected to grow to 70 percent in less than 10 years
  • 60 percent of consumers rely heavily on time-saving products and services
  • Services like mobile order and pay platforms, food delivery options like GrubHub or UberEats have become a staple of modern society
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What Does All This Mean?

Quite simply, you need to offer your products in the ways that help your customers save time. Think about how you can make ordering, getting and enjoying your baked goods as simple as possible, without sacrificing any of the great taste customers love.

Try this Trend Now

Ready to make the move to anywhere, always-on sales? We’re here to help. Start with this smart RECIPE that helps your customers live their Twenty-Five 7 life by taking cake on-the-go .