Dawn gelatine free fonds
plant-based cream stabilizers

More and more people choose to eat plant-based. Because of their religion, or because of their lifestyle. The number of people who make responsible choices is on the rise. With Dawn’s Gelatine Free Fond, you can now make all your mousses, bavarois, and desserts without animal gelatine in it. Meet new customers with your all-time favourites in a blink of an eye.

A bavarois mix without using animal gelatine

Can be used with all types of creams

Freeze and thaw stable








Product benefits

No animal gelatine, suitable for people who choose not to eat animal gelatine

• Can be used with dairy, non-dairy and plant-based creams

• Excellent solidification, great cutability

Freeze and thaw stable

• As easy to use as regular Dawn Fonds

• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Three flavours, endless possibilities



How to use a gelatine free fond?


How-to videos

Gelatine Free Fond Fruity

Gelatine Free Fond Sweet

Gelatine Free Fond Chocolate

Gelatine Free Fond Acidic


Fond Gelatine Free
and Compound pairings

Dawn-gelatine-free-compounds-desktop Dawn-gelatine-free-compounds-desktop

The make-up recipe may need to be adapted according to specific flavours. For more info contact a Dawn Baker specialist.


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