Family Company

From our family to families around the world

Dawn Foods started as a family business. And no matter how large we grow, family is still at the heart of how we think, how we treat our customers and how we treat each other. Here’s a quick look at our family and their history of dedication to serving you and your business.

A History of Commitment and Innovation

Dawn Foods began nearly one century ago with the basics: two bakers and a recipe for really delicious donuts. To this day, Dawn remains a family-owned company — with third-generation Joneses still actively involved in growing our business and serving our customers. And while we now create much more than donuts, our focus on providing the sweet treats for life’s moments that matter hasn’t changed. Under the direction of the Jones family, Dawn Foods has become the international partner of choice for bakers and culinary professionals around the world. We produce more than 4,000 products, employ nearly 5,000 people, do business in more than 105 countries, and operate in more than 57 locations worldwide. But no matter how we grow, our company culture still celebrates hard work and partnership, quality products and innovation, and working with our customers to help them leverage insights and trends to grow their businesses.

Ron Jones
A champion of customer satisfaction throughout his 50-plus years with Dawn Foods, Ron continues to reinforce the meaning behind Dawn’s Circle of Excellence with teams on a daily basis.
Miles Jones
For more than 35 years, Miles has been dedicated to ensuring that Dawn Foods continues to innovate in the high quality, new products we bring to bakers and other industry leaders.
Carrie Jones-Barber
Having served Dawn Foods since 1985 in various roles, Carrie now leads the company, working to build on its long tradition of quality with ideas for the future that celebrate trends, consumer insight and the next generation of baking excellence.
Aaron Jones
Having held numerous positions since 2000, from warehouse, to sales, to administration, and currently serving as Senior Manager, Credit, Aaron brings a broad base of experience to Team Dawn, ensuring best practices and fiscal responsibility.
Sam Jones
Part of the Dawn team since 2003, Sam brings a strong analytical background as a member of the marketing team, helping us connect with customers around the world.
Sarah Richmond
Originally with Dawn from 1993-2003, Sarah returned in 2007 to establish and lead the Dawn Foods Foundation that works to support and enhance the communities where Dawn facilities are located.

Dawn Foods Gets Our Start in Jackson, Michigan

Prior to 1920, Dawn is originally founded as the Century Bakery in Jackson, Michigan, by Eugene Worden and Grover Lutz. They choose the name “Dawn” because of the time of day bakers do their work. Dawn's donut recipe soon becomes so successful that Mr. Worden and Mr. Lutz buy a bigger building and install equipment for mixing and packaging. They then form the Dawn Donut Company, the nation’s first industrial bakery mix company. Today, Dawn Foods is still proudly headquartered in Jackson.


Marlin Jones almost plays baseball instead of going to business school

When Marlin Jones is in high school, he is contacted by a major league baseball team and asked to join their AAA club. However, Evelyne, who would later become Marlin’s wife and matriarch of Dawn Foods, says if he plays baseball instead of going to business school, she might not be waiting for him when he returns. And so Marlin goes to business school and finishes a two-year business course in one year.

Marlin Jones joins Dawn

In a difficult era when commodities are scarce and many businesses are failing, Marlin Jones first joins the company as a bookkeeper and purchasing agent. He discovers that by traveling to agricultural areas, he can arrange with farmers to commit their fields of grain and sugar beets to Dawn. Thanks to his efforts, the company is still healthy when WWII ends in 1945.
Old Dawn Packing Plant

Marlin Jones purchases Dawn

marlin-jonesMarlin Jones sees the potential in Dawn and takes money out of his paycheck every week until he can buy the company.


Dawn introduces the first commercialized French Donut mix to the baking industry

BrochuresDawn is the first company to successfully introduce and sell “add water only” French cruller mix, continuing the legacy of bringing quality, taste and convenience together for our customers.

Dawn purchases automatic donut machine division from Perkins

Dawn buys Perkins Automatic Donut Machine division from Baker Perkins, which is capable of producing 2,000 dozen donuts per hour. This step toward mass automation positions Dawn as a leader in the baking industry.

Ron Jones joins Dawn

ron-jonesSolidifying the family’s commitment to the business, Ron Jones, the oldest son of Marlin Jones, joins the company as an accountant. Ron is the former CEO of Dawn and now serves as Chairman of the Board.

Dawn patents automatic donut turnover icing machine

Dawn patents a machine that automatically turns donuts over to ice both sides and can now produce 1,000 dozen iced donuts per hour using the new machine along with Dawn fryers and conveyor systems. This innovation makes us the leader in donut production.

Dawn builds automated mix plant and buys equipment factory in Jackson, MI

To keep up with the needs of customers, Dawn expands into a larger mix facility, including the installation of million-pound bulk flour bins and bulk train car flour unloading facilities. Dawn also forms the Dawn Equipment Company to expand our manufacturing efforts.

Miles Jones joins Dawn

Miles JonesMiles Jones, Ron’s brother, joins Dawn to work in the laboratory developing new products. Miles is currently Co-Chairman of the Board.

Steven Jones joins Dawn

steven-jonesThe third Jones brother, Steven Jones, joins Dawn and creates the most successful advertising and marketing program in the baking industry.

Dawn develops new technology extending the life of yeast raised donuts

Dawn develops innovative technology that helps solidify Dawn Raised A® donut mix as the industry standard.

The Dawn Food Products name is born

OldDawnLogoAs the company grows, Dawn determines that customers need a full-service supplier for all their bakery needs, so Dawn expands the product line to a complete range of bakery products. The Dawn Donut Company name is changed to Dawn Food Products, Inc. to reflect the wide range of bakery products that are now being produced.

Dawn Foods enters into a license agreement with Torigoe Company in Japan

Dawn enters into a licensing agreement with the Torigoe Company bringing Dawn mixes to Japan and signaling the start of global expansion.

Dawn Introduces Single Stage (just add water) Angel Food cake mix to the industry

Dawn Foods is first to successfully introduce “Just add water” Angel Food cake mix to the baking industry.

Dawn expands manufacturing and distribution capabilities

Dawn purchases mix and icing production facilities from Bessire & Company in Louisville, KY, and begins manufacturing icings and fillings, while expanding into distribution.

Dawn officially enters distribution business

Dawn acquires Western Bakers Supply, Denver, CO, and officially enters the distribution business, allowing the company to work with customers across the country.

Carrie Jones-Barber joins Dawn

Carrie_JonesBarberCarrie Jones-Barber, Ron’s oldest daughter, joins Dawn and eventually takes over the position of Chief Executive Officer.


Dawn buys its first frozen plant

Dawn acquires a plant in Crown Point, Indiana, and adds frozen capabilities.
Crown Point - Frozen Plant - Muffins


Dawn expands into the U.K.

Dawn purchases a manufacturing plant in Evesham, UK, beginning expansion abroad.

Dawn expands into Mexico

Dawn acquires Mixco International SA de CV.

Dawn forms Dawn Foods International

Dawn Foods International is formed, becoming one of the first American-owned sweet baked goods companies outside the U.S.

Dawn buys its first frozen cake plant

Dawn purchases Knaubs Cakes in York, PA, and enters the frozen cakes business.


Aaron Jones joins Dawn

Aaron JonesA third-generation member of the Jones family, Miles Jones’ son Aaron Jones joins Dawn as a Replenishment Management Coordinator. Currently, Aaron is Director of AP, AR, Cash and Credit.

Dawn begins acquiring regional distribution businesses

Dawn expands its national distribution capabilities with the acquisition of regional distribution businesses across the country.

Dawn builds automated cake plant

Dawn builds a fully-automated cake plant in Atlanta, GA, further expanding our capabilities in frozen cakes.

Dawn acquires CSP Foods

Dawn purchases CSP Foods, a Canadian company, and expands our mix manufacturing capabilities in Canada.

Sam Jones joins Dawn

Sam JonesSam Jones, the second of Miles Jones’ sons to join Dawn, joins as a Safety and Environment Control Specialist. Sam is now a member of the marketing team.

Dawn expands corporate headquarters

corporate-headquartersDawn moves its home offices to a new location in Jackson, MI, to accommodate increased sales and growth.

Dawn further expands manufacturing capabilities in Europe

Dawn purchases a plant in Steenbergen, Netherlands, expanding and improving frozen dough operations, including muffins and other baked goods.


Ron, Miles and Steven are inducted into the International Baking Hall of Fame

The Jones brothers are honored by AIB International for their contributions to the baking industry and ingredient technology.

Ben Jones Joins Dawn

Ben JonesA member of Team Dawn since 2007, Ben, another of Miles Jones’ sons, brings ingenuity and efficiency to his newest position as a Distribution Sales Representative in the Chicago area.

Sarah Richmond rejoins Dawn

Sarah RichmondOriginally with Dawn from 1993-2003, Sarah, the daughter of Steven Jones, returns in 2007 to establish and lead the Dawn Foods Foundation, which works to support and enhance the communities where Dawn facilities are located.

Dawn creates Swan Foods, a joint venture in Oman

With the creation of Swan Foods, Dawn expands capabilities in the Middle East.

Dawn celebrates 90 years in the baking industry

Dawn Family w-Food

Dawn expands into high-end pastries

Dawn purchases Unifine Food & Bake with plants across Europe, expanding Dawn’s portfolio into high-end European pastry ingredients.

Dawn opens new International Headquarters in Amstelveen, Netherlands

Dawn opens a new International Headquarters in Amstelveen covering sales and operations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific to better serve customers around the world.

Dawn opens sales office in Dubai

Dawn opens a new sales office in Dubai, furthering capabilities in the Middle East.