Social Responsibility

We believe our actions matter

As one of the world’s leading bakery companies we know leadership goes well beyond our day-to-day commitment to helping customers grow their businesses; it’s also our collective responsibility to make a positive impact with our team members, in our communities and around the world.

Social Responsibility

Our Code of Excellence Leads the Way

It all starts at home, with our own teams who are expected to know the Code. Dawn’s ethics-based approach to our work is guided by the principles of the Jones Family and an unwavering commitment to respectful relationships, people and integrity. Our team members and leaders follow Dawn’s Global Code of Excellence to ensure that we are working together in a way that reflects our values, our vision and our ethics.

To help support our Code of Excellence, Dawn offers team members many avenues for communication and support. The first line of dialogue is an open discussion with supervisors or the Human Resources department. Another resource is our anonymous, 24-hour Speak-Up hotline staffed by an independent third party, where team members, partners and suppliers are encouraged to share their concerns, voice their opinions or offer suggestions.

Circle Of Excellence

Our Commitment to Sustainability

One of our promises to you is to provide you with the better ingredients. Not only better in taste and quality, but also better in sustaining our world for the next generations to come. So you can create the pastry and sweet bakery products that your customers expect from you. Matching the increasingly more important demands on sustainability and taste.

We have taken efforts to make the delivery of our products and services more energy efficient while also exploring steps to reduce waste at our facilities and source specific ingredients more sustainable. And for the future we will continue to look at opportunities to make our production processes, our products and our company more sustainable.

Dawn Foods Europe is proud to be 100% RSPO

At Dawn, we are always seeking to innovate while taking care of our planet. Dawn Foods Europe achieved our 100% RSPO Mass Balance Certified status by the end of 2015, and we’re proud of what that means for us as a company and for you as our customers.

As a company committed to Sustainable Palm Oil, Dawn Foods Europe has been a RSPO member since 2011. And with the certification of all our European plants to RSPO Mass Balance, you can trust that we are sourcing and selling RSPO certified palm oil standardly in Mass Balance quality and with an increasing number of Segregated quality from 2016 onwards.

We are also very proud that WWF has chosen Dawn Foods Germany for the “WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard” in 2015. The fact that 16 out of 20 points were appointed on this scorecard highlights our efforts around the most effectively using sustainable palm fat.

In the future, we will continue to look at opportunities to make our production processes, our products and our company more and more sustainable. That is our promise to you: to be better every time!

We are also working toward sourcing our raw materials more sustainably, including implementing standards like RSPO Palm oil, responsible sourcing and several ongoing initiatives in ingredients like cocoa, sugar and eggs.