Brownie Mixes

Whether you are looking to create dark and fudgy brownies or lighter, more cake-like brownies, Dawn Foods has the mix that will help you bake the brownie you want.

Dawn Foods has almost 100 years of experience in creating authentic American Brownies.

Today we offer you two delicious options, Chewy Fudge and Cake Brownies. Both are made using UTZ certified cocoa, with no artificial colours or flavours, and both mixes are also palm oil free and are made using free range eggs.

Our Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix delivers a truly dense, rich, indulgent taste while our Cake Brownie Mix has a slightly softer, more airy texture. No matter which mix you choose, you only have to add water and oil and you have the perfect batter for delicious brownies that your customers will love.

Create classic brownies, add inclusions like nuts and fruit, top and decorate to make spectacular, signature brownies. Give your customers the ultimate in authenticity and indulgence so they’ll keep coming back for more!