Hot Glazes

Our hot process glazes give a glossy, eye-catching finish that make your tasty creations even more appealing while helping to keep them fresh. With our wide range of products suitable for all types of applications, including both manual and spraying machines, there’s something for everyone.


  • Gives long lasting shine and protection to fine patisserie and bakery products
  • Various recipes, fruit and flavour content levels available
  • Different packaging formats
  • Freeze and thaw stable

Gelomat or Dawn Spray glaze is a ready to use, hot process glaze that comes to you pre-diluted, meaning it’s simple to use.

Prestinap, Belnap or Topnap are hot process glaze that require between 10-100% dilution, with or without fruit, giving you the control to create the custom glaze you want. Then, simply apply by brush or spatula.