Fondant is used by pastry chefs to artfully decorate éclairs, tompouce, viennoiserie and other pastries or also as an ingredient for fillings or truffles. In some countries, special fondants are used for finger rolls or donuts.


  • Small and convenient packaging for every day use
  • An easy to use solution for every application
  • Create endless colour and taste variations with Dawn Compounds
  • No matter what your creation is, we have what you need to make it beautiful.

Fondant Sublime

This time saving, quick drying fondant gives you an intense white, high shine finish.

  • Freeze, thaw and refrigeration stable
  • Does not run off or crack

Fondant Extra
If you want intense white and stable color over time, Fondant Extra is for you. With very fine crystals, its smooth texture can’t be matched.

  • Convenient packaging
  • No Separation