You know Dawn Foods for making the delicious ingredients, semi-finished and finished sweet bakery products that delight your customers, but what you may not know is that originally we were known for creating the industry standard for donut mixes. Dawn created the first ever commercial donut mix in the 1920s in Jackson, Michigan, and we’ve lead the way ever since. All of our ready-to-serve donuts are made using our expertly developed donut mixes and bases so we can guarantee great results every time. Let us help you create a donut offering that sets your business apart and create attractive, mouthwatering displays that tempt customers every day.

Premium Donuts

Our best ready-to-serve donuts are the perfect fit for today’s busy consumer. They are ready to sell after simply thawing for 60 minutes. They give you the same rich taste as freshly baked donuts and will make your customers feel like you baked each donut just for them. Their irresistible combination of crispy coating, fluffy dough and indulgent fillings is one people don’t forget.


  • Luxurious, rich toppings
  • Great textural contrast
  • Clean, non-greasy formula for a light fluffy dough
  • Indulgent and tasty sauce fillings

Classic Donuts

Our plain, sugared, glazed and chocolate covered ring donuts give customers delicious options in the traditional flavours they love. Available in two sizes, they are delicious served just as they are, or combined with our range of frostings, icings and fillings to create your own signature donuts.