Celebrate all year round

Dawn Foods has a history of 100 years of working with bakers to create perfect life’s sweet moments for people around the world. Our ingredients and products are enjoyed in more than 100 countries and help bakers to create events that matter and are always remembered.


This year, as we celebrate our 100th birthday, we want to celebrate together the most important moments in our lives, day by day, season by season. Join us through this Dawn 100 celebration journey…


Spring & Summer moments

Spring is that moment of the year when everything comes back to life. Dawn Foods helps you to bring joy to your customers, proposing exciting differentiating recipes with outstanding fresh visuals that can transform every customers’ birthday, wedding or party in a memorable celebration! We’ll give you advice on how to maximize fruit seasonality, playing with colours and flavours during that time of the year.

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Autumn & Winter moments

100 Christmases, a 100 new years’ with Dawn, millions of smiles around the world, year by year. We gave the bakers the opportunity to make the best from each season. Whether it is for Christmas, Halloween, or other seasonal events like Back to school period, etc, Dawn brings you all the ingredients to make these celebrations right.

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