Chocolate Dried Jalapeno Brownie

Red Velvet Cake


For ... Brownies


1. Jalapeno Chocolate Brownie

  • 750 g Dawn Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix
  • 185 g Water at 50°C
  • 48 g Vegetable oil
  • 20 g Dried chopped jalapeno


2. Raspberry Fruit Gelee

  • 500 g Raspberry fruit puree
  • 20 g Dawn Sanatine
  • 15 g Sugar


3. Strawberry Coulis Chocolate Spheres

  • 200 g Dawn Delifruit Strawberry
  • 50 g Sugar
  • 10 EA Dobla chocolate white spheres
  • 50 g Water
  • 12 g Dawn Sanatine


4. Cream Cheese Icing
  • 50 g Dawn Cream Cheese Icing


5. Chocolate Base
  • 200 GM Chocolate couveture


1. Jalapeno Chocolate Brownie
  • Mix together oil,water and mix for 2 minutes on low speed,scrape down.
  • Add the dried jalapeno and mix again for 2 mins medium speed.
  • Bake in a greased tray. Cool down at room temperature and freeze.

    BAKING TIME: 30-35 minutes

2. Raspberry Fruit Gelee
  • Mix together to boil.
  • Pour in the frame to set and freeze untill firm.
  • Cut in 2 cm square and keep aside.

3. Strawberry Coulis Chocolate Spheres

  • Bring the water and sugar to the boil, Then cool to 50 degrees and fold in the Sanatine.
  • Pipe in the Dobla chocolate spheres and freeze untill set.
  • Sof the Icing to piping consistency and place it in a piping bag with nozzle.
  • Temper the choclate and spread on an acetate plastic sheet and cut into long rectangles of 12 cm x 2 cm.


  • Cut the brownie into long rectangles of 12 cm x 2 cm
  • Pipe the cream cheese icing on the same across the brownie.
  • Place the chocolate disc over the icing.
  • Garnish with the strawberry coulis spheres upside down and the 2 cm square raspberry gelee.
  • Finish it with fresh edible flowers and Dobla Halloween garnishes.