Spooky Eyes Crème Cake

Red Velvet Cake


For 1 Cake Ø 14 cm

  • 300 g Crème Cake
  • 450 g Frosting three colors


1. Crème Cake chocolate

  • 1000 g Dawn Premium Crème Cake Mix Chocolate UTZ
  • 350 g Egg
  • 300 g Vegetable Oil
  • 250 g Water

1900 g Total


1. Crème Cake
  • Mix flat beater all ingredients 1 minute slow and 3-4 minutes medium

  • Pipe Dots with Dawn Fondant Sublime as desired size on baking paper
  • Pipe Chocolate dot on top
  • Let dry over night


  • Place Ø 14 cm Ring on Baking tray with paper
  • Fill Crème Cake into Ring
  • Bake for 180°C deck oven/150°C fan oven 35-40 minutes
  • Turn after baking and cool down
  • Cut into three layers
  • Divide Frosting Vanilla in three and mix with different colors
  • Layer cake with the colored Frosting
  • Pipe Dots onto
  • Stick Eyes on dots and cream beside