Sourdough Donut Mix:




Sour Never Tasted So Sweet. Introducing New Sourdough Donut Mix, available now in the US.

Unique, buttery sourdough flavor. Soft, light, airy texture. It's the latest innovation from Dawn - the bakery partner committed to bringing you the largest selection of donut flavors, highest-quality mixes, icings, fillings and glazes. For amazing customer experiences, it's a whole new way to donut!

A New Type of Donut Co-Created with Pastry Chefs. Made for Bakers.
We've partnered with pastry chefs from across the country to take part in a competition to develop the next big idea in donuts. At our Innovation Studio, 5 top pastry chefs developed 9 new types of donuts - the winner was the Sourdough Donut from Pastry Chef, Mathew Rice. Dawn's expert R&D team took this scratch recipe and transformed it into a donut mix that is easy to use, provides consistent quality and excellent tolerance.

An Exciting New Type of Donut - Just For You

•  A mash-up that combines everything consumers love about sourdough bread and yeast raised donuts 

•  A completely new donut experience 


•  Versatile donut mix to create a wide variety of unique, on-trend, signature sourdough offerings

Differentiate your bakery or donut shop by offering your customers an innovative new donut experience with Dawn's New Sourdough Donut Mix!



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Cream Cheese Truffle Donut

Jan 13, 2020, 11:02 AM
Sub title :
Bake time unit : min
Chef name : Melissa Trimmer, CEPC
Location : USA
Video link :
Prep time unit : min
Language : en
Is complete : Yes
Is temperature celsius : Yes
Bake time : 0
Temperature : 0
Yield number : 0
Recipe number : 346
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