Dessert & Snack Mixes

Dawn Foods baking mixes are scratch baking made easy! We offer a complete line of cake, brownie, and other sweet baked good mixes — all of which come in a variety of sizes to meet your unique needs.



  • Create satisfied customers through fresh-baked desserts and snacks
  • Save time, labor and money with mixes that are easy to prepare and create products with a long shelf life
  • Choose from a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your operation

Cake Mixes

Dawn Foods mixes help you create cakes that are rich, tender and have high volume. Our mixes are formulated to create moist, delicious cakes that give your business the reliability you need for success. One-step "add water only" instructions are straightforward and simple for any employee, and unique processing builds in tolerance so your cakes are consistent time after time, with no cracking or shrinking. This makes it easy to give your customers appealing cakes with that “made from scratch” feeling and taste.

Brownie Mixes

Our Fudgie Brownie Mix is designed to give you flexibility, great taste and efficiency in the kitchen. It can be used to create either a rich fudgie brownie or a light cake-like brownie, and Dutch cocoas and unique sugars create moist brownies every time. The pourable batter is easy to use, spreads over the entire pan, bakes evenly and doesn't involve a messy cleanup. You can add nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, candy or anything you want to create a signature dessert.

Pie Crust, Cookie and Waffle Cone Mixes

Everyone enjoys the aroma of freshly baking bread, cookies and pies. Use our line of versatile mixes to attract customers with traditional dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and other favorites. From flaky pie crusts to chewy macaroons and rich waffle cones, Dawn R&H mixes will help you to create a variety of treats that will bring your customers back for more.