Latino Bakery Products & Ingredients

Productos Mi Panadería® — El Sabor Con Tradición™

Dawn Foods is focused on bringing you the flavors and traditions of the world. Our Mi Panadería line of products provides you with the flavors and textures of Latin America and helps you create desserts that Latino customers will love — all while saving you time and labor.

Mi Panadería® Mixes and Bases

Our mixes and bases help you create popular Latino favorites simply and efficiently. These products are perfect for anything from traditional tres leches cakes made from our Premium Pastel de Esponja, to flaky and buttery danishes made from our Danés Mix, to a variety of sweet baked goods that can be made from our Pan Regional Mix. Other favorites include our Pan de Huevo Base and Pan de Pulque, which bring the flavor and texture of Mexico right into your panadería or supermercado. You can also make seasonal favorites using Mi Panadería Pan de Muerto Mix and Rosca de Reyes Mix.

Mi Panadería® Churros

Our churros are a traditional favorite customers are sure to love. They come pre-fried and ready to warm in the oven — or to be dropped back in a fryer to warm. Flavors include plain, Bavarian, Cajeta (Caramel), Strawberry and Apple-Filled.

Mi Panadería® Glitter Glazes

Mi Panadería® Glitter Glazes offer a beautiful sparkle finish and sweet fruity flavor to your baked goods. Our glazes provide full coverage for your iced cakes and other creations, and the edible glitter adds a shine that is sure to catch the attention of your consumers. These glazes come in ready-to-use individual pouches that allow you to simply squeeze and begin decorating. This convenient application allows for a quick and easy way to make decorative and unique treats. With a variety of vibrant colors and flavors, you can create the perfect pairing for all your bakery creations.